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Terms of cycling on roads

Last  time  we  talking  about   What are the rates for tickets?

Many cyclists often have to travel on the roads. Doing this is important respecting all rules of the road. Remember cyclist same road user, as a motorist!

It is advisable to drive in the right lane (but very often it is occupied by parked cars).

Beware of pedestrians, cars, dogs, pits and potholes on the road. Pedestrians often ignore safety rules and cross the road in the wrong place, and on bicycles attention and do not pay. Collision with a bicycle, of course, did not threaten such dire consequences as in a collision with a car, but injuries can still be serious. For the cyclist, as however, collide with a pedestrian rather than the car. Be aware that the doors of parked cars have a nasty tendency to suddenly open up. If it still happens, or Circle (taking into account the movement of walking behind transport), or roll into an open door.
If you turn on the direction of rotation of the arm pull. When you stop Signal hand raised up.

Equip bicycle rear-view mirrors, so you can watch what is going on behind. If you often drive at night, be sure the presence of the front and rear lamps (white and red, respectively).

Do not listen while driving player - so you do not hear the approaching danger, besides the wires are entangled feature and cling to anything.
Never get behind the wheel in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication.
Do not carry passengers or large objects, reducing visibility.

All traffic signs and  traffic light  required for compliance.
Remember that your safety, unfortunately, depends not only on you but also on other drivers for which you are not responsible. All drivers are different, so be smarter. Surrender yourself, for your own safety. It is better to be late for 5 minutes than ever. Always follow the rules of the road, but do not rely on others.

If however, there were the most unpleasant - Road Transport Events with your participation, it is important to know how to behave themselves in such a case:

First of all, it is necessary to assess the danger to the life of their own injuries. If you can not objectively assess their condition or there is a risk of serious damage - call an ambulance.

A record number of participating car accident, telephones witnesses if Road Transport Events was serious - call the highway patrol.
In some cases, it can be sorted out on the spot. Remember that you do not have rights, and we have a motorist and, accordingly, can be picked up.
Do not show your driver exorbitant sums.

Always carry your passport and medical insurance policies.
Observe the rules of riding a bike, and be courteous to other road users, and any trip will bring only joy and positive emotions.

Personal documents and rights are best kept in a separate bag.  Store documents better in a separate bag. We recommend Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is perfect for such a trip. This bag is small but compact. It can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. And best of all under clothing, so your documents will be under the supervision and always there. Belt bag can be adjusted individually. The bag has a lot of pockets, into which you can put your passports, keys, money, tickets, map of the country and telephone. The bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro, which can be especially important to put things. Just at the bag has a transparent pocket for ID cards. In the middle of the bag has a lock.