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Delusions of hiking tours

Last  time  we  talking  about  Terms of cycling on roads

There are some serious misconceptions about pedestrian travel. They were born a long time and are transmitted by word of mouth by those who never in such journeys and visited.
This article will tell you what is hidden inside these fallacies.
Meet ...

Myth №1: ". Backpack big and heavy I can not carry it ..."

The fact that a large backpack does not mean that it is heavy. After all, it is a lot of light bulky items - sleeping bag, clothing, etc. And if it is for someone seems difficult, it is still not certain that it will be hard to bear. The weight of a backpack at the beginning of the seven-day trek is about 16 kg. At the end - at least 10 kg.
And it's quite a bit because modern backpacks are built taking into account the anatomical features of a person and have a special discharge belt. Thanks to him almost the entire weight of the backpack rests on the pelvic bone, and through them - upright. And only a little left on the shoulders and spine.

As a result, your feet will get about 15% more load, which is a very positive impact on their fitness and physical shape.

The fact that the backpack is no longer a problem, speaks eloquently of the fact that travelers pass without too much difficulty with it is very difficult parts of the route.

Myth №2: ". ..Tam No soul I can not live like this ..."

Indeed, at first, it seems to all. But during the hiking trip comes a powerful reappraisal. We are beginning to appreciate what had long forgotten how to appreciate: a sip of water and sunlight, friendly support and good communication ...

The fact that the city seems to be most needed, there may simply lose meaning.
No backyard sink or bathtub with hot water? No problem. There are other equally effective ways to satisfy their need to be clean, for example, bathing in a waterfall. Believe me, it's better than a jacuzzi. For hygienic purposes is not a problem to heat up a couple of liters of water.

It is an undeniable fact: the most beautiful places on the planet is no hot water!
Think! What do you deprive yourself, and how many can not see, being attached solely to the presence of a warm shower.

Myth №3: ". I can not sleep in a tent there hard and cold ..."

People think that the bed is soft only in the city.
And in the fresh air after a busy day value starts to represent no longer a form of bed, but just her presence. Did you know that the earth with grass is the best natural orthopedic mattress? It is very soft and pleasant, just you and I do not guess about it.

And colds, sleeping in a tent, it is very difficult, because you'll sleep in warm sleeping bags, impermeable to cold and damp. And one more important detail: The tents have the bottom, so it is clean and no insects.

What do you think about the fact that he thinks that the man sitting on the edge of a cliff 300 meters? Try to imagine his thoughts ... I think if it's about the values that are considered to be the most important in the world? .. What does he feel? 

Believe me, it's worth a try each. After all, what you get is many times compensates for any inconvenience.

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