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Where to go for a vacation with the child? Features traveling with children (part 1)

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Agree, vacation with children, whether it be independent travel or ready to tour, imposes some restrictions on the parents, is not it? Absolutely everything must you meet the climate, location, hotel, animation, room service, medical center, the presence of children's programs, a games room, meals, high chairs in the dining room, finally.

It would seem possible to dispense with all these things. But as soon as the question of choosing a place of rest with a child gets an edge, as soon as there is one problem after another. And that's fine. Think about it, because you want to relax, is not it? Relax with your family, and not go crazy because of the child and the constant hassle. Of course, there is always the option to go with my grandmother to be a nanny for your child while you are relaxing, but the possibility is not at all and, besides, my grandmother, too, need to rest. Mark as a nanny vacation - this option is also not for everyone.

So you're going on holiday with the whole family. The primary objective, which is to stand in front of you, so choose a place of rest, to rest without problems and incidents absolutely all members of your family. Of course, if you child is diligent, not capricious, easily adaptable to any conditions and from the do not leave a single step, you do not worry about anything. But such behavior is, as a rule, is not peculiar to children. So we have some work to do.

To start, you need to select the correct country. Believe me, not all countries are adapted to families with children. Either such a holiday will cost you, oh, how cheap. Currently, the most common countries for families with children are Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia. Turkey even an order of magnitude more popular for this type of holiday. But, of course, many other countries, including Europe, will be welcoming you. Only, in this case, it is necessary to find out all about the food, the hotel, and services for children. As a rule, in the description of hotels, such information is available, but it is better to clarify everything at the travel agency managers with the condition if they clearly possess this information. You can also follow the advice of friends, or search the Internet for hotel reviews to have a complete picture. When planning a vacation with the child should be reasonable. Do not go into the first hotel so as not to spoil your holiday.

What is important for a child? Health, diet, mode, and interesting pastime. Consider options that meet these requirements criteria for selecting destinations for traveling with children.

Healthy child on vacation

Try to plan your holiday so that the climate where you live at the time of release, was close to the climate of the country selected. For example, if you are going on a beach holiday, plan a vacation for the summer. Then there will be tangible for the body temperature drops, acclimatization to the child's body will take place without any problems and you do not have to run around to the doctors. This is especially true of those parents who have a child is frequently ill. Changing climate and time zones results in the human body under stress and for children unprepared organism it harder twice. Therefore, try to avoid sudden temperature changes.

It is better to plan a vacation for 2 weeks, or possibly even more, but in any case not less. This is to ensure that your child has had time to rest. A few days is required for adaptation and acclimatization and on his return the same. Try to increase vacation time to create a comfortable environment for the child during the holidays. Many parents even have a rest with the child shifts, crossing for some time. For example, a mother traveling with a baby in two weeks. A week later comes the pope. All together relaxing week, and then the mother goes home to work, and for a week the child rests with the pope. Thus, the child turns 3 weeks of a healthy holiday at the sea.

Be sure to find out all the features of your medical insurance policy, in case you have to consult a doctor. Choose a hotel with the presence of the medical item, so you know that there are a doctor who can help if something happens.

Find out what the hotel beach. It is clear that in order to avoid injuries of various kinds, it is better to choose a sandy beach and clear sea with sandy gradual entrance into the sea and the presence of "pen" for children. Typically, these "pens" fenced and special buoys are in shallow water.
Specify the approximate temperature of the water, information about the course in a given place, windy. In some places, can be cold currents, or, in the winter time in Egypt, a strong cold wind that could adversely affect the child's body.

Stock up on sunscreen. Gentle baby's skin can easily get burned. And if unfortunately, the child still burned, you must have the necessary creams and ointments for burns in stock.


One would think that such a regime? If the child goes home at 10, and then fall asleep there. And here and there! Time zones are offset and the child needs adaptation. Try as much as possible imperceptibly and gradually change the child's sleep time. Choose a hotel for a family holiday and families with children. Sometimes, unknowingly parents with a child on vacation to get Youth Hotel, where the night never ceases music and all day fun. In this case, a problem will generally put the baby to sleep during the day and at night. A lack of sleep will follow and moods, and other related issues.

interesting pastime

Rest for the child should be interesting. The child switches very quickly, he is interested in everything. If the child is bored, then you will get it! Learn about the availability of the hotel Children's animation, game room, children's playgrounds may work with children, the staff or a babysitting service.
It would be great to choose a hotel, which has a children's swimming pool with children's slides. The child would be this interesting. Again, when choosing a hotel verify all these aspects and make sure that the hotel is mainly adapted for a family vacation with the kids, not youth. In this hotel, as a rule, many children and your child will be able to find a peer gaming and interesting pastime.

 To travel with your child you must be very vigilant watch over your documents. Since children always require a lot of attention: the child like a piece of candy, and then he was very thirsty, then he needs to use the toilet, and then he threw a tantrum because you did not buy him a toy. You just could not help it and are waiting for the robbers. We present to your attention Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 .It is very convenient for transportation or storage of documents. Bag on a belt, so you can wear it on the shoulder or around the neck. The belt is adjustable, you can make it longer or shorter as you wish. The bag is not large, but it perfectly placed several passports, securities, tickets, cards, phone. For added security, the bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro. In the middle of the bag has a lock, they can be mounted keys. The bag can be worn under clothing and no one will notice it. And you will not worry about your documents because they will always be near you.