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What are the stars of the hotel?

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No analyst tourism businesses did not immediately respond, how many hotels there on the globe - they are the really huge amount and with each passing day, it becomes more and more. No wonder that someone once wanted to sort out all of these hotels in the ranks. It is also not surprising that the idea came to many. So there were different systems of classification of hotels. There are about thirty. Each with its symbols and system of criteria: Swedish "keys", the British "Crown" Indian "points", "Stars" finally.

Most often, the European consumer enjoys the hotel services "star" classification. This system is popular everywhere. It is to her as a common denominator, we strive to reduce the conditional alternative designations hotel services.


1 implies minimal comfort. Located in a nondescript field. As a rule, hotels of this class is very small - up to 10 numbers. Meals are not provided, but sometimes for a fee, you can get a simple breakfast. Facilities may be on the floor. Log in after the morning often denied.


2 * (tourist class) it is usually offered to tourists on inexpensive excursion routes. According to European and American standards, the room must have a bathroom and TV, but for the TV remote, you may have to pay. Restrictions on access to the hotel at night are not. Continental Breakfast. Sometimes the restaurant is located in the lobby of one of the floors.


W * - the most common kind of hotels. Amenities in the room, in the bathroom there is a small piece of soap and shampoo, sometimes with a hairdryer. There are telephone and television, often - a mini-bar, air conditioning. There is a pattern: the better the location of the hotel, the poorer set of its services, below the level of comfort.

US W * are close to four in Europe. And in Asia, the presence of mini-bars, refrigerators and TV sets at hotels 3stars is not mandatory, so that most of them you will not find in the room.


4 * assigned for a high level of service. Hotels in this class designed for people with average incomes by European standards. Category provides a good location: in the city center or on the first line of the beach.

Ideally obligatory: parking, free gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools, hotel shows, discos. Facilities: equipped bathroom, hairdryer, air conditioning, color TV with remote control, refrigerator, mini-bar, air conditioning, in-room safe, make sure your phone with the HSE.

Often hotels in class 4 * Superior Room:. Studios, suites, etc. Some hotels do not differ from the neighboring five-star, but they arrogate to themselves the lower category, in order to reduce tax costs.


5 *, fully compliant, resemble a self-contained town with the necessary infrastructure: a number of bars and restaurants (with European and national cuisine), nightclub, shops, hairdressing salons and beauty parlors, laundries, fitness rooms and business centers, swimming pools. The rooms - from single rooms with one bed to a multi-room apartments. For business people, there are executive-suites - with a multi-channel telephone, computer, fax and meeting room. The room has everything: air conditioning, mini-bar, telephone, color TV, etc. Large bathroom with bidet, large reclining bath, often - Jacuzzi and separate shower... The customer has a wide arsenal of cosmetics, as well as bathrobes and slippers.

There are a number of international criteria on which the certification authorities estimate the level of the hotel. First of all - is the degree of comfort offered and the variety of services provided. Then - the size of rooms and service features: the presence of the restaurant and bar, sauna and swimming pool, parking and ordering taxi service, international phone, and storage. Yet one of the most important factors influencing the "star" of the hotel is its location. It is believed that for the excursion routes better if the hotel is located in the city center or near the metro station. Moreover, Europe is characterized by the following correspondence: the closer to the attractions, the higher the value category hotel. But on the level of "star" resort hotels affected by very different factors: whether the hotel is on the beachfront or in the distance? Does he own a beach whether free sunbeds and umbrellas provided? In the Arab countries and the beach are three-star hotels, and expensive European resorts own sites by the sea afford mostly 4-5-star oasis of comfort.

Qualification of personnel also plays an important role in determining the status of the hotel: on the international standards, in hotels with one or two "stars" at the reception staff need to know a foreign language, in 4-5-star hotel ownership need a minimum of four languages.

Often at the level determined by the fact of belonging to a prestigious hotel chains, such as "Hilton", "Marriott", "Radisson" and others. In this case, the highest category they are assigned a priori. For hotels "Holiday Inn", for example, typically located in the picturesque suburbs, which is not always convenient for travelers who arrive as tourists, but the category of the hotel is never below 4 *: privacy and tranquility are considered the opportunistic advantage.

In fact, many hotels allow very free interpretation required under the category "Star" set of services. Most do not care about its image, British, French and Swiss hoteliers - they are more likely to Europeans forget their commitment to the customers and do not report them laid by the law of service, while not hiding from the guests: "We have no reason to invest in the reconstruction, towels purchase and slippers, and so on. etc .: guests galore in every season. " It is understood that the prices for the services they are set at the high bar. More merciful holders hotels in Eastern Europe. Their rates are much lower. Not too high, and they are in Greece, Spain, Norway and Finland.

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