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How to go on a trip around the world?

Last time  we talking  about   What are the stars of the hotel?

Today we want to dispel the most popular myths about the world tour and talk about what you need to do, it is also easy to circumnavigate the globe. Therefore, if you want to realize their dream of a world tour - then this article you will be very useful. So, you need to go on a trip around the world?

The first misconception concerns finances. Argued that go on such a journey - it's expensive. In fact, every year is traveling around the earth are becoming more accessible and affordable. But sometimes fly to Thailand in the "hot" season is more expensive. And for the money in the world tour, you will get not a bike ride, and a tour with all the amenities: air travel and hotels. Therefore, an independent trip around the world this is no longer a luxury only available to a few, but an opportunity for everyone to see the world and fly it around. The bulk of the expenditure is spent on flights.

The second myth is trip around the world - it is a long time. Of course, to fully explore the more than 15 countries, it is very time-consuming. But start small: to lay down their first impression of the country, enough 3-4 days. Total two-week vacation to the standard you can get to visit 5-6 countries.

You can always return to your favorite country again, to go on an excursion and learn more about these countries. But to experience world tours, even visiting all six countries - is neither an incomparable experience.
Use a small cheat code: go round the world trip for the New Year. So you have almost three weeks of "vacation" - and this time will be enough for your first world tour.
Perhaps this time is not enough, but it's not the last day we live, the first such trip can make in an accelerated mode. To go for a longer time, for example, for a year, will enable academic leave or separation from service. Work will always be able to find, but with age, more and more difficult to break into the long journey. So do not wait!

The perfect travel time - three months. During this time have time to get bored at home and friends and get a lot of new experiences, then another six months to go with burning eyes and share emotions.

The third fear preventing you go on a journey around the world - is visa restrictions. I want to assure you right away, there are more than six destinations world tours on the "visa-free" countries. With each passing year, it becomes easier to move around the world - a visa in many countries are beginning to place upon arrival, if not replace them dies. So feel free to cross out the item of the visa list "What is needed for the world tour"

The fourth myth - the complexity of self-planning world tour. You think the world tour with air travel expensive and complicated? We want to please you, and then - so it seems at first glance. Firstly, there is the round-the-world ticket (RTW) by different airline alliances. When buying a ticket, you shoot with all the problems concerning air travel. Any delays / cancellation of flights are on your chosen alliance, and they decide at their own expense.
There are also tours around the world - they are few, they are rare, but as they say he who seeks will always find.

The conversation about the myths I finish, and I think that now you see a lot of opportunities to go round the world trip of your dreams. By the way, do not pass by the circumnavigation! Yes, yes, right now several cruise companies provide such services. You will make a voyage around the world on a huge liner with all the amenities, and visit the most interesting country, where a cruise ship will make a stop for a day / two.

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