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8 things that should be performed before the trip

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Buy air tickets, pay for hotel accommodation and arrange a rental car - it is, at first glance, some of the most important things you should do before traveling. However, many are not less important matters should be performed even before heading to the airport. If you want to make in the course of your trip, you had no permanent daze and thinking about what you forgot to do some important things and make your journey bring you only pleasure, should take care of your vacation in advance. Do not leave home without solving the following tasks 8!

1 Create a trip budget and determine in advance how you're lucky money. We present to you Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . This bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Also, it can be hidden under clothing and no one will notice the bag. belt length can be adjusted individually. The bag will fit a lot of things, such as a passport and documents, money and tickets, keys and phone cards and accumulative card country map and a flashlight. The bag has many pockets, so mess it will not. Bag small but compact. Made of durable material good. There is a pocket with zipper and Velcro for the most valuable things. There is also a pocket for identity cards. The bag is very comfortable and will be helpful in your journey. . Even before the trip should determine: what kind of expenses you plan to do, and how much the whole trip you can afford to spend. Also find out whether it would be possible to use the ATM and traveler's checks, or you need to stock up on cash still at home.

2 Shall describe your first day. You are unlikely to be a desire to engage in reflections on the first day of their course of action. Be sure to include in this plan: check in to the hotel, exploring the surrounding area, currency exchange.

3 Determine the route of your first trip. If you plan to travel by car (on lease or on his), before a trip to find places of interest and the best way to reach them.

 4 Bring a device Hands-Free. Local laws governing the use of mobile phones while driving vary considerably, sometimes even from one municipality to another. Pack a hands-free device in your hand luggage to avoid any problems with the local authorities.

5 Look for online sites and stores related to your hobbies. It is likely that on your way you can visit a place or buy souvenirs, which will be of particular interest to you.

6 General public traffic routes. This allows you to save a good idea, especially on short journeys, in place of your nailing.

7 Check the entire list of local attractions. It's a shame there after a trip to find out what you missed any global attraction.

8 Check the weather forecast. You can adjust the plan their travel and entertainment, depending on: whether the weather is windy and rainy or sunny and warm.