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Credit card or cash? What to bring on a trip?

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Before the trip to rest, perhaps each of us wonders: "What to take along for the ride?" or "In what form to take money abroad?" The most important question is always: "How much money you need to take with you outside?" In this article, we describe the form in which it is more convenient to store and use the currency when traveling (credit card or in cash).

Cash on travel

Each country has its own currency restrictions transportation. Amounts exceeding these limits should be declared. Take on a journey but we do not recommend cash. It can steal. Money is all the same paper, and it is characteristic deteriorates, for example, when exposed to water or careless pulling out the bills it may tear. Carrying a full amount is not comfortable or safe. Another minus cash - they need to change in exchange. Care must be taken, if gathered to exchange currency on arrival. Beware of scams and carefully check the exchange rate! 

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Credit cards for tourists

Credit card traveling irreplaceable assistant! Of course, before you travel you should check it working or not, whether it take in the shops and restaurants, whether you can pay the fare cards, hotel reservation, ticket purchase. With credit cards in travel, money will always be with you! If the card is lost or stolen, it is enough to block, and the score will remain intact. If suddenly such an unpleasant situation happen - it is better to have more than one credit card. Better to take a journey two cards and distribute the money into two accounts.

Another advantage of plastic cards is that it does not need to be declared, and the money can be removed at any ATM in the world.

To pay by credit card in a shop (cafe, hotel restaurant), you must only sign the receipt, thus confirming its agreement on the withdrawal of this amount from your account. Sometimes the cashier can ask to enter the personal identification number (PIN) card holder.

Traveler's checks

Traveler's checks - it's a good alternative to "live" money, because to cash the amount indicated, requires the presence of the owner, and passport (for example, in the case of theft of traveler's checks).

Traveler's checks: where to buy, how to cash

The main drawback of traveler's checks is that if you are in a country where they are not very common, then exchange them for a "live" money will not be easy.

To buy traveler's checks, you need to go to any bank that is selling them. If you currently need to have a passport, it is better overseas. The bank will make an agreement on the purchase of the check that you want to keep, and it is better to keep it in the future apart from the checks themselves so that in a case of loss of the contract remain with you. When you purchase you will need to put his signature on each check. Keep in mind that when buying the bank will take with you a commission (usually up to 1% of the amount).

When cashing traveler's checks, you should be in the presence of the cashier to put their "control" signature. Bank employee must verify both signatures. Also, may be asked to present a passport or a contract to purchase.

Traveler's checks are also possible to pay instead of money in hotels, shops - wherever they are taken.
But note that traveler's checks require a declaration, as well as a cash currency, as opposed to credit cards!

For those who are planning to travel abroad by car, we have prepared a separate article, you need to do, and what drugs can be transported across the border.

Successful travel!