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Animal transport rules in an airplane

Last time we talking about    Credit card or cash? What to bring on a trip?

Transportation of animals is carried out in an airplane a number of rules, which we will share in this article. I advise you to read these rules carefully because it only ensures to avoid serious problems in the process of check-in.

Information about the animal transport rules in an airplane

If you wish to transport an animal in the cabin or the hold of the plane, you are kindly requested to report it to the selected carrier (by phone or by e-mail). It happens also that the airline companies offered only a few places for the transport of animals.

When transporting necessarily require a valid medical certificate, certificate of vaccination and other documents that require specialized services to comply with sanitary and quarantine rules in the importing countries, export or transit.

The total weight of the animal and the container is never included in the free baggage allowance. This applies to the transport of animals except for service.

The documents for the transport of animals in aircraft

Transportation of all animals on the plane is not allowed without veterinary certificate. (form №1). This certificate can only be issued by the state veterinary hospital. Veterinary certificate issued №1 no earlier than three days before the flight and is valid only during the designated three days. The basis for issuing a certificate is the international veterinary certificate, and the information contained on the product of animal vaccination.

Additional mandatory conditions of animal transport in the plane is the presence of a mark in the veterinary passport on made no more than a year ago, or not less than two weeks ago (in some countries - not less than one month ago) vaccinated against rabies, a mark of the absence of fleas, worms and other parasites. The easiest way would be the owners of those dogs that have a pedigree. They will be enough to show the very lineage, your passport (passport), to clarify the departure date and itinerary.

If the dog does not have a pedigree, (ie the animal is officially mongrel), it will be necessary to bring it into an organization engaged in the evaluation of dogs.

Regulations for the carriage of animals in the cabin:

- The animal must be clean, healthy, placed in a special container for small animals. In the cabin, it should be protected against the penetration of liquids and odors.

 - The total weight of the container with an animal must not exceed 5 kg.

 - The dimensions of the container shall not exceed 115 cm in the sum of 3 dimensions (length + width + height).

 - The container should be carried by the owner on the hands or under the seat front seat. It is forbidden to transport container on the seat of the chair. But you do not have someone else not punish you pull out a pet on their hands if the neighbors will not mind.

 - Passengers can carry no more than one container with an animal.

 - The animal can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft only when flying in economy class (business class and first class to take the animal is not allowed).

Transportation of animals as checked baggage.

For the transport of animals should be used a standard container (cell) meeting the following requirements:

- Dimensions which allow the animal to be freely rotated and lie down in a natural way;
- Clean, protected against leakage, the escape of animal claws and scratching;
- Easy to transport, loading/unloading, feeding the animal, cleaning;
- Provide sufficient ventilation with at least three sides.
- Do not transport animals in makeshift containers.

The owner of the animal must provide their own food and water necessary for feeding the pet during the flight.

Transportation service animals in the cabin.

Service animals - dogs/cats that used to accompany the blind/deaf passengers and passengers with paralyzed lower limbs, or for emotional support passengers c disabilities.

Transportation service animals are free of charge with no restrictions on size and weight.

Service dogs must have:

- Muzzles and leashes.
- Evidence of dog training to perform support functions.
- In the case of the animal, performing emotional support function, you must provide a confirmation from the attending physician.

Animals transport rules on a plane in one country.

We do not casually advise at the outset to carefully read the rules of importation of animals in the country where you plan to fly. In some countries, especially in Europe, especially stringent requirements on which it is desirable to know in advance. These countries primarily include United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, New Zealand and some other countries. In these countries, animals may only be carried in the luggage compartment,
 and in the worst case, the pet is placed in quarantine for six whole months! It is possible that the sense to take out the animal in the short-term trip and not at all better to leave it in a special hotel or with friends.

Tip: it is better not to feed the animals before the flight and did not give him a sedative, in fact, because of it during the flight from a pet can lower blood pressure, which can lead to complications in the heart and lungs.

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