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Buy cheap airline tickets. Advice

Last  time  we talking  about    Animal transport rules in an airplane

Tips on buying a cheap ticket for independent travel is not new, but can someone come in handy. So, from what depends on the price of tickets? The cost of the ticket depends on the day of the week, season, holidays the number of days prior to departure, and many other little things and confuse. In this article, we will give a list of useful tips that will help save the coin before booking.

Our advice:

1 Choose a flexible choice when choosing a flight. See all flight options in the next number (put a tick ± 3 days).

2 Subscribe to airline distribution, and learn about promotions and special offers first. Try to watch out for special offers airlines may fall out those tickets that you need.

3 Use the calendar to low prices. In this case, it can be seen, it can fly at less total days of the month.

4 Do not forget to purchase tickets to compare prices across multiple sites.

5 Buy air tickets in the middle of the week with the departure/arrival. The cheapest tickets are sold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, expensive - for the weekend and on holidays.

6 Try to buy tickets the night or in the morning before the start of the working day. Ticket prices are lower than at this time and more choices - do not be lazy.

7 During holidays or New Year holidays are always more expensive tickets. Try to fly earlier or later if possible.

8 Flights departing in the evening or at night are cheaper than in the morning or afternoon. Do not forget, you may need to transfer.

9 Fly in the "low season". At this time, the airline carried ticket sales. At this time, people are traveling less, and cheap rates fall immediately.

10 Book tickets round-trip cheaper than buying tickets individually. It happens even a one-way ticket cost more than round-trip tickets.

11 Look for deals cheap charter flights. These flights appear in the travel agencies a few days before departure. Last minute cheap charters best websites of tour operators.

12 Fly with transfers, so you can save a round the bag. Pay attention to the time between connecting flights and the total duration of the flight.

13 best price on airline tickets is 2 months (50-60 days) prior to departure. The fewer empty seats in the aircraft the higher the cost because the cheapest rates diverge first.

14 Try to compare prices for tickets to the neighboring towns. Sometimes it is cheaper, but keep in mind for the car costs, bus or train.
Some 15 low-cost airlines, low-cost not present in search services and their flights have to look at the official websites.

15 And the most important thing! Order or buy tickets - that's not all. The main thing to keep them up to the moment when you enter the plane. Never put securities, cards, and money in his pockets. Since the risk that you lose them or they are stolen so high.  Note the neck move with RFID Blocking Wallet 2 - in - 1 bag can be put over the shoulder or around the neck. The advantage of this bag is that your documents will always be under your supervision. The possibility that the documents were stolen or lost is zero. The bag is not large, but it is perfectly placed several passports, multiple cards, money and other documents, keys, road maps, a flashlight, a cell phone. In the middle of the bag, several pockets for each thing is its location. There are pockets with velcro and zipper for additional safety elements. There is a pocket for identity cards. Also in the bag, there is a lock for the key, which guarantees you a safe storage.

Well, here's a small list of tips for buying cheap airline tickets. Do not ignore them! Good luck with finding cheap flights !! Better on the savings to buy a certain gift or note purchase tickets.