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The tourist season

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The tourist season.

What is the tourist season? We will try to explain. Travel seasons - periods of activity by travelers who expressed a change in the flow of tourists, fluctuations in prices for tourist services, as well as food and accommodation prices.

Types of tourist season

Today decided to allocate a few main tourist seasons. First of all - this is the classic calendar seasons:

 - year
 - winter
 - autumn
 - spring

The following types of a season - price:

 - high season
 - the Velvet season
 - Average season
 - Low season

Tourists, choosing a time to travel, sometimes faced with the concepts of "high" and "low" seasons. This division into seasons come to the masses of the professional environment, ie, by employees of travel agencies and tour operators, airlines, hotels. "High Season" - a period of increased demand for travel to any region or specific country. As a rule, the "high season" occurs at the coincidence of two factors:

Favorable climatic conditions in the country rest;
The period of vacation leave or mass in countries that are major sources of tourists to the resort region;

Quite naturally, the high season is characterized by high prices for tours and individual travel services. No accommodation facilities (especially the most popular!), No aircraft is not able at this time to accommodate all potential tourists.

On the contrary, "the low season» (low season) is characterized by reduced demand because of the employment potential tourists in the workplace and in schools and/or not very favorable weather conditions. There is also the so-called "dead season» (dead season): the weather is absolutely not conducive to leave; part of the hotel is temporarily closed; Airlines reduce or suspend flights.

Price seasons can also be designated as the booking season. They can get an idea about the level of prices for a particular resort. As a rule, if we define the cost of rental housing in the high season as the peak, in the velvet season, it will be 5% below the average in a season - 10% lower, and in the low season can fall to 20-50% of the accommodation price level in a high season. Of course, these figures are indicative and may vary depending on the region.

The tourist season in Europe

From country to country, each of the seasons can have a different length. Thus, for the summer season in Finland lasts for two months, in Spain - six. The peak summer season - July and August. Most resorts of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in August it has the highest rental prices of houses, villas and other types of tourism real estate.

Seasonality is also important to determine the directions of the tourist flow. For Italy August - this is not only the period of influx of tourists from abroad, but also the holidays of Italians themselves. Therefore, many trattorias and shops, museums and attractions in this period may be closed. Tourists should pay attention to these nuances.

The tourist season in Asia

For most of the southern resorts of Europe, the concept of the summer season and high season - the same thing. At the same time for a holiday in Thailand, Goa and Bali concept of high season blurry. Proximity to the equator makes a beach holiday in these areas are available all year round. At the same time, the demand for leisure travel in Asia is formed in different ways. Thus, Thailand - direction, popular in the winter months. For example, the high season in Phuket - this is the period from November to April. Approximately the same months accounted high season in Goa. It is worth noting that for the equatorial tropical resorts should take into account the factor of the rainy season. For the same Bali rainy season - is the period from December to April. At the same time, the rainy season does not mean a continuous curtain of water over 4 months. Just rainfall during this period is more common than in the rest of the year. In Bali, the rainy season - the most low prices for rental housing.

The tourist season in megacities

For cities, such as London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin have their own rules of seasonality. They mainly affect the prices of apartments rent or the cost of the hotel rooms in hotels. As a rule, high seasons in major European cities: it is the exhibition season, during national and religious holidays, Christmas and New Year. Low season for the world's capitals - is the peak of the holiday, ie July and August.

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