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In a case of an emergency

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If you are arrested by the police.

In the event of unforeseen contingencies associated with the detention of local law enforcement, threats from other persons, traffic accidents, etc., should promptly report it to the embassy.

If you are the subject of the provocative action by the local police or law enforcement, you should strongly demand that they provide an opportunity to contact the nearest consular office (in your country) or by sending him a written notice of the fact of the incident. During the detention or arrest should offer no resistance, as it may aggravate the situation and provoke the security services/police officers on the use of physical force or weapons.

Do not talk with the representatives of local law enforcement agencies, as well as to sign any protocols and other documents in a foreign language in the absence of the staff of the consular post in the host country, since such evidence under the laws of several countries can be used as the basis for the prosecution of a crime.


When hiking walks recommended to go for two or a group and select a lit and fairly crowded places, carry a map of the city. Once in a darkened area, should stay away from walkways, entrances, closed shrub beds. Do not stay long at the shop windows, and to converse with a clearly unhealthy people, vagrants, beggars. Waiting for a bus or a taxi should be lit on the stops.

If someone nearby starts to behave provocatively or committing acts of hooliganism, should leave this place. It is important to remember that the objects resembling a weapon, immediately attract the attention of not only terrorists or hooligans but also police or private security guards. In order not to provoke these people to decisive action, do not use such items, especially in public places.

You should refrain from taking alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, offered by strangers. They are often used by hackers in the organization of robbery and sexual assault.

If armed with a gun or knife robber demands the car keys, wallet or purse, you should give them. If you are trying to snatch the bag, wiser for her not to stay. If while walking suddenly pulls the car and strangers sitting there offering a ride, it would be wiser to abandon this, because it is possible that for such a proposal could be followed by an attack.

If you think that you are being followed, it is better to go to the other side of the street and go in the opposite direction. If the harassment is not stopped, it is recommended to run to the nearest any lit areas: store, gas station or in a crowded place.

If you lose or have stolen documents

In the case of theft of documents, tickets, credit cards - you need to make a statement to the police, then to the embassy or consular office. Tell your guide, or directly to the receiving office of the company of the need to restore the ticket to block a bank card. And to ensure that your documents are always in the order of use  Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. The bag is convenient because it is not large, but it is possible to put all the essentials. The bag is sewn from a water-repellent material. It can be worn on the shoulder or worn around the neck. We recommend you hide it under clothing in order to it could not be seen, robbers. Bag with Velcro. Outside there is a pocket with zipper. In the middle, there are a few pockets for passports and tickets and cards. They are standard size. There is also a lock key. There is a pocket for identity cards. The length of the strap on the bag, you can adjust yourself. In this bag are placed several passports, tickets, cards, money, keys, headphones with the phone. Optionally, you can still put something. This is a great option for those who need to keep everything under control.

If during your stay abroad, you are left without a passport (stolen, lost, etc.), should apply to the diplomatic mission or consular post in the territory of the country in which you are. Instead of the lost passport, you will be issued a certificate to return home. The certificate is a temporary identity document of a citizen of your country and giving him the right to enter (return) home.

If you have suffered as a result of the offense

If you are in relation to the theft or attack, first of all, you need to report the incident to law enforcement agencies for possible disclosure of crimes in hot pursuit and investigation. It is necessary to draw up a report, in a case of theft - with an indication of the list of missing items and their estimated value. It is recommended to immediately report the incident to the receiving company in the host country.

When a road accident you must wait for the police/transport police. It is recommended to insist on drawing up a protocol on the scene. Sometimes, to determine the cause of the accident and the degree of guilt of each party conduct a further investigation is required.

In a case of emergencies involving threats or attacks by other persons, traffic accidents, with, you should inform immediately the detention of local law enforcement agencies about the embassy or consulate of your country. You have the right to demand from law enforcement or police authorities of the possibility to contact the nearest consular office (in your country) or by sending him a written notice of the fact of the incident. Thus it is necessary to understand the fact that consular offices may not always provide immediate arrival of a consular employee (for example if the scene is located at a great distance from the consulate).