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How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud - taxi drivers?

Last time we talking about    Safety for tourists.

The naive tourist - a godsend for fraud. To foresee and protect yourself from all the trouble can not be because the fraudsters are extremely creative. Some tourists fraud schemes are old and run virtually faultlessly, in particular, this applies to taxi drivers. But forewarned - means armed! We talk, how not to be fooled.

* Do not use the services of "unreal" taxi

 Official taxis are always safer. Another issue is that unscrupulous private trader often successfully disguised and deceived unsuspecting travelers. Procured "Checkers as the taxi" - is simple enough. Legal taxis in all civilized cities, in addition, has a number of distinguishing features are worth paying attention, getting into the car.

Usually, first of all, the color machines:. Yellow, New York, yellow and black in Barcelona, blue, Indonesia, etc. Secondly, in the car is required to have a counter, and on the instrument panel is a driver card with the name and photography, as well as the number of phone service company. Outside of the car must be a price list with the tariffs. It contains the value of landings, kilometers and the approximate cost of the road to/from the airport in the afternoon and night.

Almost 100% guarantee not to stumble upon an illegal taxi driver - is to call the car phone. If you do find it difficult to do so, please contact a hotel or restaurant, rarely denied.

* Make sure that the taxi driver turned on the counter

There are cases when the taxi driver seems to be very pleasant and talkative guy and tells you on the road, where it is necessary to go to the city if you are here for the first time. Here you have located him, and arrived at their destination turns out that he absent-mindedly for instant liking forgot to include the counter to you. But he often travels this route and knows that it is 45 USD for 5 minutes trip. Do not pay it you can no longer because the service has been rendered, and even if you call the police, to prove their case will be difficult, especially if you do not know the city.

Therefore, getting into the car, to see if the meter is turned on, and what he was wearing a figure at the beginning of the path. Planting even with luggage is unlikely to cost more than 10 USD.

* Ask currency

In some cities and countries common taxis without meters, and decided to negotiate with taxi drivers before you get into it. In this case, it makes sense to specify the currency in which payment will be made. Cases when riding through Prague you are sure that you will pay in kroons and the taxi driver demands from you the amount of which is agreed to, but in euros. In most cases, it is not a misunderstanding. This is a deliberate divorce.

So clearly arrange currency, preferably in front of witnesses.

* Place your pricing inquiries

Going to a strange city, find out how much estimated worth taxi ride, judge the distance from downtown to your hotel and do not pay more than the average amount. If the taxi driver asked obscenely much bargain. With high probability, it will eventually give way, and in some countries (eg in Asia) is all a part of the local culture.

* Call the police

In some countries, taxi drivers in the art of rob tourists progressed quite far. They may start to blame you that you slipped him a counterfeit bill or USD 10 instead of 100. If you are sure they are right; We did not go to the street money changers, and the money removed from an ATM or in the official exchange, boldly Call the police. Typically, fraudsters are cowardly and expect that you will be too lazy to mess with cops, and easier to pay. Police aware of all these machinations and will almost certainly be on your side. But most likely it has not even come to that, the taxi driver and he goes to the world.

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