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Volunteering as a way to travel the world for free.

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Volunteering - not only a great way to bring the world a favor, but also a chance to get involved in an adventure at minimum cost. There are many projects, - not only a great way to bring the world a favor, but also a chance to get involved in an adventure at minimum cost. There are many projects, starting with the construction of kindergartens in Nepal or saved from the death of turtles in Costa Rico. They need a year-round job. In return, they provide bed, food and a lot of unforgettable experiences.
What do you need to know about volunteering and where to go if you wanted to join?

Huge selection of projects, in which you can participate, both in your country and abroad. The scheme of participation in them is about the same:

- Fill in the form on the website of the volunteer center or program and wait until invited for an interview.

Standard minimum requirements:
What you should know if you decide to become a volunteer:

1. You need to be over 18 years old. Some projects take children from the age of 14, but they do it very reluctantly, and usually only with their parents, because no one wants to be responsible for minors if anything happens.

2. One desire is not enough, you need something to be able to do with your hands or head. Despite the fact that labor is free, the participants make serious demands. Stable high demand for skills on the farm and the ability to care for the animals. People regularly required in the Chinese national parks, the task of which hug the panda and play with them. Can you imagine what their competition? There are also many programs for English teachers. If you know how to play football, certainly have settled coach in the African camp. People with medical education open road almost everywhere.

3. The English need to know. Spanish, French, Russian and others - it is an additional plus, but without the English will be difficult, as all communication takes place mainly on it.

4. The important role played by personal qualities. Friendliness, openness, communication and love for life. For volunteers, it is really important and is sure to be taken into account during the interview.

5. As a general rule, the volunteers paid for room and board. A ticket to the destination and back, as well as a visa in most cases, will have to pay out-of-pocket. But there are exceptions.

Where to go?
In the world, there are many volunteer centers. Each of them has its own specialization and a list of countries in which vacancies.
We talk about the most popular:

WWOOF - is an international agritourism program. A potential volunteer is registered on the official website, fills in the questionnaire, pay a membership fee of $ 40-55 USD and gains access to the list of farms, which are in need of assistance. The list of countries is quite wide: from Asia to Latin America. Terms and conditions with each individual farmer are negotiated separately, but as a rule, the owners provide the volunteer's room and board in exchange for 4-6 hours of work on the farm every day. Sometimes give a little pocket money. The rest of the time you can have fun on your own.


This British volunteer organization committed to helping third-world countries. Volunteers teach children from poor countries in English, treated humans and animals, are engaged in educational activities, etc. The organization requires, first of all, for qualified personnel:. Doctors, teachers, professional trainers, etc. Therefore, the requirements fairly stringent:. Necessary have a diploma and professional experience of 2 years, a certificate of good conduct, as well as be ready to start work within 18 months. Most programs are long-term: from six months officially, but in practice, encouraged to participate, at least for 2 years.

The organization provides volunteers with accommodation, food and pocket money, which is usually enough for everyday expenses, and 4-week vacation once a year. Transportation costs the organization also takes over.


The Sphere-profit organization engaged in charitable projects. The most popular format - a volunteer camp. Each shift - a specific task. shift duration depends on the size of the project. For example, in order to paint graffiti Children's Hospital 2 weeks will be enough, and for the organization of the music festival will take at least 2-3 months. Weekday volunteers last 4-6 hours, rest time you can devote to activities and excursions throughout the country.

All participants pay a registration fee.
Accommodation, meals and pocket money provides organization, travel to places and visa (if needed) - the volunteers themselves.

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