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What is agritourism?

Last time we talking  about:  Volunteering as a way to travel the world for free.

See how to grow grapes and grazing sheep and how to make a real cheese - for many urban residents all real exotic. No wonder that every year more and more people are interested in agritourism. Residents of big cities go live on a farm, learn to care for the horses and ostriches, to understand the forest mushrooms, milk the cows and collect the harvest of olives, sour cream, and make your own homemade wine.
 Pros tangible: a change of scenery, fresh air, new skills, and most importantly - all this you can even arrange for free.

Long agrіtury - this is a rare story. As a rule, the majority of tourists is limited to holiday or weekend tours. Proposals on the market a lot. They are all very different in the program, as well as the level of comfort and, therefore, price. You can rent a villa and work in the local vineyards, and it is possible to live in a cottage for a nominal fee or even for free in exchange for household help. Very often in such circumstances, the employee relies also on catering for the host's table and even a certain amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

True, the work, in this case, will have more, but you can easily select something for everyone, and the working day lasts no more than 4-6 hours. All the rest of the time you can devote to recreation, trips, and excursions to new places.

Where to go?

Rural tourism is common in the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, and is gaining popularity in Russia.

In the US, on a farm regularly leaving students to earn some money during the summer holidays. Especially a lot of farms in Colorado, Texas, and Arizona - there is always a pleasure to take additional workers. Terms quite spartan: a room for one or two people, food, together with the owners of the house and a small monetary reward. For the more discerning travelers have the whole ranch. For example, Black Mountain in Colorado, where it is necessary not only to look after the cattle, but also learn to ride a horse, to cope with the lasso, and the program rafting, fishing, rodeo cowboy, and other entertainment.

In Italy, the tour will be offered to work in the vineyards - to collect and process the grapes, as well as participate in the collection of olives. Living conditions too are different: from luxury villas to simple village houses. At about the same story in Spain and in France. To attract tourists to the farms regularly restored old mills, dairies, wineries, wine cellars and other.

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