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Tips doctors to rest in the velvet season.

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When most of the summer is over and the season begins the most favorable holiday - not so hot in July, but the weather still allows you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. However, even at such a time, it is necessary to remember and take care of our health. Take care to tan on the beach or an extreme mountain climbing is not turned into further problems. We collected medical advice "how to properly prepare for the velvet season?"


Any active form of recreation, especially related to the "extreme sports" is associated with the possibility of injury. In this connection it is necessary to take into account a few simple rules:

- Bags, physical form, and the complexity and compliance objectives - is something for which you are responsible for yourself.

- Injuries - bruises, abrasions, minor wounds, blisters, insect bites, this is what you can handle yourself. Of course, if you are ready for it. In a personal first aid kit should have a patch package sterile wipes, bandages (normal and elastic), antiseptic solution, an analgesic tablet and allergy medications.

- If a more serious injury, falls, fractures, dislocations, etc. -. Better not to treat yourself. What you can actually help yourself or others - to fix the injured limb in the position of the minimum of pain. If you want to bandage her any stick or tablet (useful elastic bandage). You can take a pill anesthetic. And most importantly, you need as quickly as possible to apply for skilled medical help.

Dermatologist tips will help you stay healthy and beautiful skin.

What kind of sunscreen on the beach do you recommend I use?

- If there are no contraindications (eg, pre-cancerous skin diseases as well as diseases in which it is recommended to protect themselves from UV light), then after about 10 minutes of exposure at the beach (with the aim of synthesis is very important for the body's vitamin the D), should immediately apply sunscreen spray for face and body SPF50.

- Do I need a diet in the days spent on the beach?
Yes, of course, as the exterior sunscreens do not provide total protection from ultraviolet radiation, also need to be protected from the "inside." Under the influence of ultraviolet rays produced in the skin so-called "free radicals." These particles contribute to the emergence of skin cancer. Reduce the amount of free radicals, antioxidants help they found in foods such as green tea, dark grapes, tomatoes, unsalted peanuts.

- During periods of prolonged exposure to the sun (eg, for a vacation in a hot country), the Council is required to take special drugs, which include a complex of antioxidants in adequate amounts: C and E vitamins, beta-carotene, and selenium.

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