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How to prepare for the holiday

Last  time  we talking  about   Tips doctors to rest in the velvet season.

Experienced travelers are beginning to prepare to leave in advance, regardless of the type of trip. Tour package tour also requires training, as well as independent travel. Of course, a competent tour operator will save you from ordering tickets difficulties and problems with the health insurance purchase. But no one will put in your suitcase necessary things, not order a taxi for the airport shuttle and prepare the best is for you a list of attractions / clubs / shops / cafés. A preparation for independent travel to be more thoughtful and careful. Let's say that the country is selected, the tickets are bought, and hotels booked. What else should pay attention before release?

Important moments in preparation for release

*Cafes and restaurants

Local cuisine in the country of your dreams - a separate pleasure. And in your best interest to do so, to avoid having to pay poisoning and poor health. Find out in advance how are called the national dish, and what features are in their preparation. For example, many tourists are advised to travel in Thailand remember the phrase that "not sharp" as food in Phuket and Pattaya are renowned for their pungency and English staff understands bad language.

Read reviews about restaurants that are within walking distance from your hotel - on the Internet you can find descriptions and secondary checks of catering establishments in most countries. Gathering in the coastal countries of the danger remember "protein poisoning," which occurs due to excessive consumption of seafood in the first days of vacation. Calamari and scallops can be of excellent quality and freshness of the first, but your body is accustomed to a rare eat shrimp (on holidays), simply can not cope with the increased load.

* Airport Shuttle

Experienced tourists think through in advance how to will get to the airport or train station, especially if you live outside the major cities. The best option for commuters - taxi. In this case, you do not have to worry about the cancellation of trains and buses or pay for parking your own car. Such routes are advisable to book in advance, ordering the transfer of certain day and time.

For those who live in big cities, taxis will also be the best solution. You do not have to carry heavy bags up to the underground first, then on the transitions between the stations, and then find a way out to the Aeroexpress, and then deal with their own terminals. If you are traveling at night, you'll notice that the Aeroexpress trains do not go in the dark, and it is better to order a taxi to get to the airport than the last train and wait for the registration and the landing of 3-5 hours.

* Useful things in a suitcase

Of course, the contents of your suitcase depends on the selected direction, the climatic conditions and the type of holiday. However, there is something that should be in your bag in any case:

- First-aid kit (a standard list of medicines and hygiene + your individual drugs) - drugs do not neglect. Not every country you can easily go to the pharmacy and the pharmacist to explain what you need.

- Warm clothes will come in handy even if you are planning to go to Africa in the summer. The weather is not predictable, also you can go on a boat trip or a night on a trip to the mountains, where the year-round cool.

- The stock of cash. Some hotels require a deposit unexpectedly, in addition, you will need money for the way home from the airport.

- Insect repellent. For this campaign will spray against ticks, mosquitoes, and midges to tour summer tour - repellent against mosquitoes for an evening stroll, and exotic country - means the local flying and crawling animals.

- About the importance of documentation and registration of health insurance, you may remember them. Do not forget that it is important not only to collect them but also to take to the destination safely. 

We encourage you to Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. Bag is convenient because it is not large, but it is possible to put all the essentials. The bag is sewn from a water-repellent material. It can be worn on the shoulder or worn around the neck. We recommend you hide it under clothing in order to it could not be seen, robbers. Bag with Velcro. Outside there is a pocket with zipper. In the middle, there are a few pockets for passports and tickets and cards. They are standard size. There is also a lock key. There is a pocket for identity cards. The length of the strap on the bag, you can adjust yourself. In this bag are placed several passports, tickets, cards, money, keys, headphones with the phone. Optionally, you can still put something. This is a great option for those who need to keep everything under control.

Simple tips above will help to make your stay memorable and successful only positive moments.