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How to find a job abroad? Advice.

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In recent months, many people have lost their jobs. And the standard of living has deteriorated greatly in almost all, even those who work preserved. Prices rose, but wages - no. People are increasingly looking to the fact that you can earn money in another country. Especially when you read the ad about how many offers to pay foreign employers, even for unskilled labor.

Almost every one of you has friends who have gone to work in another country or going to do so in the near future.

Today let's talk about what you need to remember that the first experience does not become negative.

Opportunities (potential and actual)

You may well have the right to work in any country of the world. Of course, if you have permission. So theoretically, try this way everyone can.

There are three main options for employment. Much depends on:

- What is your profession?
- What is the level of your qualifications?

- What is experience already available?

No irreplaceable. But there are very few professionals who are always and everywhere in demand. As a rule, these people get a lot of money. It is for these highly skilled workers, there are various international programs, intergovernmental exchanges and so on.

So, the way first:

In short, this is an option when your value as an employee can be very high for the employer. And it not only organizes your employment, but he will find you, offer excellent conditions to work. And you will choose among the best available offers. This is a story about high-class scientists, artists, rare technical experts ...

The second option - an independent search of the employer.

For example, you are not the star of world scale, but you know the "price" currently. There is experience, there are achievements, have a specialty, demanded in a particular country. And most importantly - there is an understanding that there you will be more necessary than here. Then, the following tips for you:

- It is advisable to learn the language of the country, which are going to go to work.
Find a better job on the websites of potential employers of the country. The proposals are available on the websites, you will, in the best case, the agency, and at worst - to the fraudsters.

- The summary is sent to the position has interested you should also be written in the language of the country of the employer. If you are not confident in their knowledge of the local language, the translation can be ordered in a translation agency.

- Notify resume to need a few suggestions. And yet - if you're still not sure you can communicate freely with the language of the country indicate that the interview prepared to go in English. Although knowledge of the language will always be an absolute advantage and can be decisive.

- One of the major advantages is the existing experience of working abroad. If you have worked or studied in the same country, which is now going to - all perfectly.

- If you are lucky and your exceptional qualities were seen the next stage - interview. Here you have to try to impress their qualities, experience, and achievements. Perhaps, the employer will want to see how you are able to carry out self-presentation. But most importantly - consistent with the proposed work and competitive advantages. After all, if HR stops on your candidacy, the company will have to document that the appropriate specialist could not find in their own country. Or - that the position was offered to domestic applicants, but they refused. These are the rules of foreign applicants employment in most countries.

What if your profession is not in demand?

There is still an option to apply to the agency, which has been recruiting staff on request of foreign companies.

This is usually an unpopular or unskilled labor:
- Service sector,
- Care of the seriously ill, the elderly or children
- Waiters,
- Cleaners,
- Nurses and nurse,
- Maids and domestic workers
- Agricultural workers,
- Workers at the factory,
- Truck drivers,
- general workers.

It should be noted that this option of employment - the most popular.

Perhaps the point is that even in these unpopular and unskilled jobs can earn good money.

So, what do you need for this option of employment:

1. Call a licensed agency that provides services for employment abroad.

Remember that this type of service - often suggested by fraudsters! First asked to produce a license. Notice what kind of activity is registered in the license - possibly on employment there is not a word. Often crooks slip license for any other related activity.

Pay attention to some details:

a) Type of visa (must be a working, not a tourist. A tourist visa is often suggested for going on seasonal agricultural work).

b) Decide the employer, in what way will be paid for your work? For whose account transfer, meals, and accommodation?

c) Medical insurance (in theory, it should provide exactly the employer)

d) You should ask for HIV test result verification, certificate of vaccination made, information on the shape 082/10, as well as a certificate of no criminal record.

2. Do not try to save money by using the services of unscrupulous agents. Besides the problems, this will not give you anything. And money does not earn and may lose the opportunity to enter the country for life.

Check whether you have a real visa, her life and that it gives the right - just enough. It is necessary to contact the embassy of the country and confirm the information, and the legality of visa, issued by the agency.

Employment visa is not required if there is an agreement between States on employment. It is enough to sign a contract.

3. We must be particularly attentive to young girls who offer to go to work model, dancer, and sometimes even an animator at the hotel. Often, so the girls fall into sexual slavery, and their actual "work" they have nothing to do with the stated.

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To go or not to go? If you go, on what terms? How to achieve the goal? - These questions one has to answer himself. The main thing - do not make hasty steps.

Anyway - good luck!