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Travel backpack

Last  time  we talking about   Hotels - the best accommodation for the traveler.

Tourist backpack - very different from his sport and urban variants. The first thing you will see is a massive waist belt. And he is doing so massive. All because the weight that you will be, with the right backpack dressing, will be at your waist (hip bone). This arrangement reduces the load on the sensations on the body (shoulders) and you will feel the load only on its feet. And with trekking poles, more and unload them. Next, what you should pay attention to is the amount of backpack. Sports backpacks have up to 50 liters of volume, and the city - up to 35 liters, but they still intended more for the city than a hike.

Travel backpacks are varieties:

Frameless, or as soft backpacks. In fact, like the city, but have a lap belt. They do not have a rigid back, and then packed into a backpack things can bulge and push you in the back. Have volume generally up to 45 liters. These backpacks are common in Europe because of their ease of European tourists rarely spend the night in tents more shelters. They do not need to carry a tent, a large supply of food, boilers for the fire. In most countries, it prohibited open fire. This backpack is designed for more than 1-2 days of running and weight - 5-8 kg, with a greater weight of frameless soft packs, very quickly start aching shoulders and back.

Timber frame or suspension system. The most common type of hiking backpacks. The frame has 2 functions:

- Distribution of weight inside the backpack to the waist belt;
- Hold the form of a backpack back.

The amount varies from 50 to 150 liters - depending on the needs and the type of campaign. In our region, it is normal to have a backpack for girls 60-80l guys from 80-120l.
 Timber frame backpacks are suitable for long trips where you need to transport large loads from 15 kilograms or more.

There are also other types of backpacks, but we consider the main varieties for a mountain hike.

Currently considered a good vendor: Tatonka, Deuter, Osprey, Pinguin, Terra Incognita
When choosing a travel backpack for hiking or mountain hiking, especially pay attention to the quality of materials, the quality of the firmware of the main elements:

- Straps;
- Suspension system (adjustable back);
- belt.

A separate measure of quality is the presence of the guarantee from the manufacturer.


When choosing hiking backpacks should also consider the possibility of adjusting the backpack under your back. That is, the adjustment of the waist height of the belt, as well as the Department of the shoulder straps, but it is necessary to take into account that the presence of the back adjustment increases the total net weight of the backpack.

Male and female models
In connection with the physiology of the male and female body, backpacks mostly differ only in the waist belt and shoulder straps. Men's backpack has a straight lap belt and shoulder straps, and women - below the belt inside-out (under the female hips), the shoulder strap is also turned inside out, taking into account a woman's breasts.

Note the structural integrity. On what he saw and personal experience that if the central (front) entrance to the main compartment - decreases the strength of the backpack, namely in the field of lightning flashing.

When you choose a travel backpack, the first to note that - as far as you are comfortable with it (for verification must be put into the backpack load at least 10-15 kg).

Do not sew valve usually allows more convenient to adjust the size of the backpack, it is easier to compress the top and the right to place it on a backpack with an increasing number of things inside. In some models of backpacks, it can be used as a separate backpack or bag that is convenient enough for use in climbing or use it as a city backpack-bag.

The presence of the lower entrance.

 Practically all backpacks have a lower compartment with a partition, to most of the clothes are placed and soft equipment. In order not to spread all the equipment out of the bag, which would like to get a jacket, a very useful input. Usually, it has a massive lightning as it potentially vulnerable spot backpack.

Value for reliability-weight.
The safer backpack so it is heavier. The lighter the backpack - so it is less durable and its cost may be increased.

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