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Climate and health

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The well-being is affected by several climatic factors: heat, cold, wind, humidity, etc. It should be remembered that in tropical countries in the rainy season, as a rule, the risk of malaria increases. In hot countries, it is practiced "siesta" (after-dinner rest, when during the peak of the heat all active vital activity simply collapses). Wet heat, as a rule, provokes cardiac and pulmonary diseases, and the risk of skin infections also increases.

The sun performs a number of useful functions: it accelerates depression, produces vitamin D, etc. However, prolonged exposure to the sun is fraught with skin burning, as well as the sun and thermal shock. The risk to burn different in terms of their biological structure, people are exposed to varying degrees. The greatest risk exists for redheads. Brunettes, on the contrary, need to worry less. Blondes and shades are in an intermediate position.

To avoid unpleasant consequences of sunburn, a number of recommendations must be followed. It is necessary to avoid sunburn during the period from 11 to 14 hours when the solar activity is greatest. The sun should not be more than 30 minutes. Use an anti-tart cream it is better to start half an hour before sunbathing and repeat the procedure after bathing. Particular attention should be paid to the tender areas of the skin (lips, neck, eye contour). You should know that the wind does not reduce the risk of burning in the sun. It only masks the sensations - it seems as if you are in the shadows, and not in the sun. This explains the powerful tanning of those who are constantly at sea in the open air. Cloudy weather also does not guarantee protection from the sun - there are so-called ultraviolet rays. Their influence increases in direct proportion to the altitude above sea level. Sunglasses with eyeglasses, painted in blue, are most effective. Some types of cosmetics, especially those made on the basis of essences of bergamot and lavender, can provoke skin diseases after a long stay in the sun. To protect from sunstroke it is necessary to cover the head, it is best to use a hat with wide margins. Sunstroke is especially dangerous for children and the elderly. The main symptoms of sunstroke: a headache, increased sweating, weakness, fever.

Heat stroke is less common. It is especially characteristic of tropical countries. It is accompanied by an increase in temperature. While waiting for the doctor, it is advisable to put the patient in cool water or apply cool objects to his body, avoiding contact with the skin.


 - avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially immediately after arrival;
 - wear loose clothing that provides sufficient ventilation of the body and the evaporation of sweat (avoid synthetic things);
 - absorb moisture in sufficient quantity;
-to limit alcohol consumption.

Protection from cold primarily depends on clothing.

 It should not be too tight, it is better to give a warm, but spacious clothing that provides air circulation. It is highly desirable to use t-shirts and tights under the basic clothing, performing the function of primary body protection. The use of second socks is also a good idea. The main task of shoes is to ensure blood circulation in the legs, so it should not be too tight. It should be remembered that the wind enhances the feeling of cold. With a strong wind (30-40 km / h), the nominal temperature + 10 ° С turns into a subjective feeling of a slight frost (+ 1 ° С ... + 2 ° С), and the temperature -12 ° С corresponds to -30 ° С.

If you do not want your vacation was spoiled, do not bring all the available cash and valuables. Keep them in a safe in the room or contact reception. 

We strongly recommend you retain and carry their documents in a separate bag, which must lie nearby. Note Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking . Documents should not put in a bag with things.  The bag has a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. If you need to get out with a bag, you can hang it around your neck or shoulder. You will not have to hold it in his hands. Bag with zipper. Inside a lot of pockets for cards and passports. There is a small pocket for small items, such as USB flash drive, which is also on the snake. For the money and important papers, there is an inner pocket with zipper. There is also a lock, which can be attached keys. Even in the bag has pockets for ID cards, where you can put a driver's license. The advantages of this bag are that it can put a lot of things and they will always be in the manner and under your supervision.