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Tips for vacationers: how not to fall into the trap of travel agencies-one-day?

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In summer, when the citizens' thoughts are entirely occupied with the forthcoming holiday, the number of deceived tourists is traditionally increased. And although experts regularly urge citizens not to react to phenomenally low prices, many all equally fall into this trap. How not to get into the firm of scammers that disappear with the money of customers?

Rules for the competent purchase of permits, according to the agency, include several items. In most cases, these are understandable and well-known advice. For example:

- ask about the reputation of the travel agency,
- call the company by phone: in conversation with a specialist you can understand how reliable the company is,
- pay attention to prices, etc. Nevertheless, the surveyed representatives of the tourism business say that many criteria for the reliability of firms are now very "blurred".

* Take an interest in the reputation of the travel agency, in which you are going to buy a tour. Read reviews on the Internet, ask friends. Verified companies work in the market for at least several years and generally satisfy their clients.

On the one hand, collecting various information about tour operators, you can understand that something is wrong with one of them. But, according to experts, it is hardly possible to say that this tour operator is a candidate, for example, bankrupt. The company may have some temporary difficulties, and then everything gets better.

The following two tips can be combined into a common block about the appearance.

* Call the company by phone: by talking with a specialist you can understand how reliable the firm is. If the manager does not have information or answers evasively questions about the cost of tours, their content, the road, this is a bad sign. In bona fide firms, there are qualified specialists who provide exhaustive information to their clients.

* When coming to the office of a travel agent or tour operator, pay attention to the situation. On the interior, you can judge how good or bad things are with the company. This will also be explained by the quality of the printing of advertising booklets and the style of communication between employees and customers and with each other. In addition, in a prominent place at the tour operator is always hanging a certificate of entering information in the register with the indication of the register number. If these documents are not available for public access, the company must provide them to the client on demand. If the company does not do this, it's an occasion to think about and look for another.

* Study the terminology to know exactly which information to look for first. A tourist operator is a company creating a tourist product and providing services to tourists. A travel agent is a firm that sells a tourist product formed by a tour operator.

* Check availability of information about the company in the register of tour operators. If the company is not in the register, then it does not have the right to work on the tour operator's market, and you, most likely, are scammers. Keep in mind that it is the tour operator who is responsible to the tourist for non-fulfillment or improper performance of obligations under the contract.

* Pay attention to the prices. The Too low cost of the tour should be guarded: there are no two-week tours to Europe for $ 100 per person. If the company unreasonably understates prices, then perhaps it is not going to send you to rest. Or, it applies dumping, which adversely affects both the market and the tourist (perhaps while you are on your way to vacation, the tour operator will decide to stop its activities).

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