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Advice from experienced travelers


It's time to turn from a tourist to a real traveler. Get advice from experienced travelers on how to travel on a modest budget, maintain health away from home and communicate with the local population, wherever you are.


Traveling to new places - for work or pleasure - takes a lot of energy from us. But to meet new places and cultures you need to be in shape. Follow a set of simple rules to feel good wherever you travel.

Drink more fluids
Be careful to maintain the water balance while traveling. Dehydration increases the susceptibility of the body to viral infections and enhances the symptoms of "time zone change".

Keep your medications on hand
The chances that your baggage is lost are small, but just in case, keep a stock of medications sufficient for the entire duration of your trip. In this case, you do not miss a dose of antibiotics or prescribed medications, if something happens to your luggage.

Securely hide your documents.

 When you go on a trip, you are in a good mood. You aspire to consider all the sights or new places for you. And it is often used by robbers. Therefore, do not leave your documents unattended, even in the most unexpected situations. Otherwise, there will be problems. Keep documents better in a separate bag.  We present you Travel Wallet for Women-Passport holder-Lightweight Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Nylon Neck Pouch-Gift (Purple). The bag is made of waterproof fabric and s. It is not large. It is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or neck. And best of all to wear it under clothing, then no one would guess about its existence, and your documents will always be under your supervision. Handle length is adjustable, so you can make your own pick out the size you want. Bag with zipper and Velcro. It fits several passports and documents and a few cards (there are specially designed pockets), money, phone, and headphones, flashes drive keys (for which there is a special lock). There is also a pocket for identity cards. The most correct will be close and you can not worry about what documents and valuables stole. A bag is not only remarkably protects your documents but is perfect for any girl or woman. Pink, still more colorful.

Move more
With long flights, it is necessary to sometimes get up and move, walk along the aisle to avoid blood clotting and pain in the joints.

Take vitamins
To maintain the body in excellent condition, take vitamins because ahead of you are waiting for adventure.

Observe the daily routine
If you are used to doing exercises, have breakfast early and go to bed early, keep these habits during the trip. Observance of the usual regime of the day ensures that one problem for your body will be less.

Clean your hands
Always keep an antibacterial agent for your hands. Since the volume of the bottle is less than 100 ml, you can take it with you to the salon to protect against germs that may be on the chair or in other places. Use every opportunity to wash your hands to not bring microbes with you as a souvenir.

Change of time zones
The change of time zones is a sensation of disorientation and symptoms similar to the symptoms of a cold. To feel good and relaxed with the change of time zones, take the following measures:

- Before you leave, rest as much as possible;
- Refrain from alcohol;
- Drink more water;
- Get up and lie down with the sun.

Should I shake hands? Kissing on the cheek? Kiss twice? To nod your head? Do not worry about it. Etiquette may differ in different countries, but the basic principles are the same everywhere. As for good manners during the trip, the most important thing is not to get confused in the intricacies of what is possible and what is impossible in another culture. Instead, remember the basic principles of good manners: respect, attention, and honesty. Compliance with these basic principles, as well as the ability to play a role when you travel abroad.

To a smile, it would be nice to add knowledge and speak the local language to use them on the journey. Remember: it is not necessary to speak fluently in a foreign language. The locals will appreciate your efforts and will be happy to help you in a difficult situation.