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9 tips on how to take a different look at travel

Last  time we talking about  Advice from experienced travelers

Traveling is always interesting, because we get new impressions, get acquainted with culture and sights. But it happens that from the trip you come back with the feeling that something did not go well and would have the opportunity to return time, then you would have traveled differently.

Our advice may seem quite obvious, but somewhere absurd and you will not agree with them. But still read the article and, perhaps, the next journey will fill your cup of emotions to the top.

Skip something that does not matter for you

There are such tourist places that are marked in all the guidebooks as a must see. For example, the Greenwich Meridian or Times Square for the New Year. And if for some travelers this is very important, and for you - an absolute nightmare, then do not torment you just because it happens "once in a lifetime." This is your journey, and you must do something that will bring pleasure to YOU.

Get lost

Of course, planning a trip is so tempting. After all, you do not want to miss anything. And try at least one day to go for a walk around the city without a map and guide. And see what happens. After all, all the best adventures - unplanned.

Talk to strangers

Talk to the waiter who brought your morning American, talk to the person who sits with you on the bench, accept the store owner's invitation to tea. In the end, smile at the stranger. New place, new people, new emotions.

Arrange a day of rest

Try to cover the day more attractions than you planned, and the next day arranges an emotional discharge and spends the whole day in bed.

Leave the camera alone

Of course, I want to capture as many points as possible. But it is in these seconds that you are in the same place and can enjoy it. And many make hundreds of photos, and some manage to immediately post it all on social networks. Understand, while you are photographing, your emotions are focused on finding the best frame. But you did not come here for this?

Do what you are afraid of

Afraid of heights? Go to the mountains. Do not know how to cook? Participate in the local workshop for cooking. We spend our lives avoiding what we fear. During the trip, we get a new experience. Yes, many people look stupid, doing things they never did before. But it's worth it, believe me.

Forget about traditional souvenirs

How much time do you spend on buying souvenirs for your relatives, friends, colleagues? The result is one - all get magnets or trinkets that are dusting on the shelves. It is much better to bring some local yummies: exotic fruit, chocolate, coconut. Even if all this can be bought in a supermarket under the house, it will be interesting to try "overseas treats". And then you can say: "Our people do better."

Buy a trinket for yourself

Yes, yes, the previous advice was not to buy trinkets. But this is for friends and family (for them it will be just a souvenir). And you must buy yourself some kind of thing that will remind you of the trip and return you mentally to those happy days of vacation.

Do not worry if you do not like the place

There is no rule that would say that you must fall in love with the city that you visit. Despite how much money you spent and how far you climbed, you do not have to be enthusiastic. The world is amazing - there are cities with which you will have an inexplicable relationship. And there are places that do not leave behind special impressions. And there is nothing absurd in the fact that you did not like the country or resort that you yourself chose for yourself.

Always be careful with documents

While you are taking photos or listening to interesting facts about the sights on the excursion, your documents can be stolen. Therefore, you need good advice to protect documents from theft. DO NOT carry all the money with you. Leave them at the hotel, preferably in the safe. Documents, if necessary, too, leave the hotel. But if there is a situation when you need to take documents with you,  we present to you Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . This bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Also, it can be hidden under clothing and no one will notice the bag. belt length can be adjusted individually. The bag will fit a lot of things, such as a passport and documents, money and tickets, keys and phone cards and accumulative card country map and a flashlight. The bag has many pockets, so mess it will not. Bag small but compact. Made of durable material good. There is a pocket with zipper and Velcro for the most valuable things. There is also a pocket for identity cards. The bag is very comfortable and will be helpful in your journey.