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Collecting suitcases (part 1)

Last time we talking about   Features of travel by bus

The simple and unexpected advice of experienced travelers. They will help you competently assemble in luggage, comfortably spend time on the plane and not spoil your mood on the trip.

Not all tips are universal, choose what suits you.


-C-scan (or just take a photo) passport, rights, other important documents.

- First, print out the scans or make a photocopy. Secondly, save the scans in your tablet or smartphone and send yourself the same email. If you lose your passport, you will quickly prove to the police and consulate that you are you.

- In a strange city, it is better to walk with a copy of the passport and lock the original in the hotel safe.

- Tickets for the plane, confirmation of the reservation of the hotel is also useful to keep on the smartphone - to be on hand, even when the Internet is not.

- Keep screenshots with maps of the right places (how to get from the station to the hotel, find a museum, etc.) - then you will have the route even without the Internet.

Store documents best in one place. We present to you Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. This bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Also, it can be hidden under clothing and no one will notice the bag. belt length can be adjusted individually. The bag will fit a lot of things, such as a passport and documents, money and tickets, keys and phone cards and accumulative card country map and a flashlight. The bag has many pockets, so mess it will not. Bag small but compact. Made of durable material good. There is a pocket with zipper and Velcro for the most valuable things. There is also a pocket for identity cards. The bag is very comfortable and will be helpful in your journey.


- It is better to roll clothes into rolls, and not fold - it does not shrink so much and takes up less space. For jackets and shirts, this option is not suitable! Clothes, whatever one may say, will still be remembered. An iron can usually be asked at the reception in the hotel (or hand over things to ironing - but this time and money). Another option: hang the blouse dresses on the hanger in the bathroom while you take a shower. From the hot steam, folds will disperse.

- Flat shoes or sneakers fold in a shower cap. So you protect yourself and shoes from scratches, and clothes - from dirt on the sole. The usual plastic bag is not worse, just a pair of shoes in a hat fits perfectly in size.

"Do not waste space!" In sneakers and shoes, fold socks, pantyhose, underwear, creams - in general, every little thing. At the same time and shoes do not doubt.

- Do not bring new shoes with you: callouses and tortures are guaranteed.

- Thin gold and silver chains get tangled and cling to rings and pendants if all the decorations are together. Stick the chain into the cocktail tube.

- Polyethylene cloak with hood is lighter than an umbrella. And it is more convenient on a trip - hands are not occupied.

- Vacuum package perfectly saves space. Fold things in it, pump out air - at home with a usual vacuum cleaner. However, in order to pack clothes on the way back, you will have to carry a small pump (they are sold together with vacuum bags). This is useful if the suitcase is small. And if in a big you pile a lot of things, the advantage is guaranteed.

- Shampoo, shower gel, foam for styling, sunblock ... For a girl to put all the necessary make-up in a suitcase - it's like stuffing it with bricks. Shower gel, shampoo, sunscreen can not take at all - buy on the spot.

- Buy toothpaste in a small tube (50 grams instead of the standard).

- Tonic poured into a small container - so that they end by the end of the holiday.

- To prevent shampoo or other liquids from pouring out, close the neck with a food film - and then screw up the lid.


"Are you afraid of the preponderance, and there's nowhere to weigh a suitcase beforehand?" Do not queue at your front desk. Find a free one and weigh your luggage. The extra kilogram or two? Take the heaviest things in hand luggage or put on. And the luggage is now quietly hand over.
Recall that in most cases, you can free to give a suitcase weighing 20 or 23 pounds. Even if you often fly, always check the conditions for a particular flight (the norm of free baggage is indicated in the electronic ticket). You can learn about the pleasant relaxation. For example, on flights to the States, China, and some other countries, "Aeroflot" allows you to hand over not one but two suitcases of 23 kg for free.

There are also unpleasant exceptions. On charter days, the weight of a suitcase is sometimes limited to 15 kilograms. Foreign low-budget companies usually do not include baggage transportation in the ticket price.

Hang a suitcase with your name and phone. This really saves if the baggage is lost and all the tags glued off during registration are flown off.


Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera - we take a bunch of equipment on trips, and all of it needs to be recharged.

- Never put the chargers in your luggage! If you delay the flight or lose your suitcase, you will be left unconnected.

- For a while the external battery saves. They come in different capacities, but even the simplest and cheapest for a couple of phone chargers will suffice.

- In aircraft mode, smartphones and tablets keep the charge longer. If the trip is constantly in communication with you to anything, include the airplane mode not only on the plane. And in a normal translation, only when you need to call or go online.

-To the wires do not creep into the whole backpack, fold them into a bag with a clasp, a make-up bag or a case for glasses.

If the hotel room has a modern TV, the gadgets can be recharged via its USB connector (useful when you forgot to charge, or there are fewer outlets in the room than your equipment, or in the country you came to, other sockets - but there is no adapter).