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Collecting suitcases (part 2)

Last  time we talking about   Collecting suitcases (part 1)


For hotels, there are the same meta-searchers (or aggregators), as for air tickets. Free travelers are already used to comparing the prices for flights via Skyscanner, Momondo, Aviasales - these sites do not sell tickets themselves, but collect the offers of all airlines and agencies.
The same focus, it makes sense to do with the hotel! Through the same meta-searchers as the tickets, plus Trivago.ru. Not always promoted Booking offers the lowest price. And on the site of the hotel itself, the room is almost always more expensive.

Did not take care of housing in advance? At the reception you will surely roll out a tidy sum: here he is, the client, stands with a suitcase and clearly wants to shower and sleep, he has nowhere to go, he will pay. Do not hurry. Go to the Internet to the nearest bar, but at least in the lobby of the same hotel - on the hotels booking sites usually a lot of advantageous burning offers. Booking even the credit card information does not ask if you order a room for today.
The reverse situation: the hotel is booked in advance, you changed your mind at the last moment - the trip broke, or the option turned up. And the deadline to refuse without a fine has already passed. Transfer the order to later dates - and then cancel without penalty. Of course, everything depends on the conditions of a particular hotel. Sometimes a fine is taken for changing the dates.

Handy and waist bags are incredibly attractive to pickpockets. From the bag, it is better to give, and we recommend wearing a bag on his stomach and all the time for them to remember.  We strongly recommend you retain and carry their documents in a separate bag, which must lie nearby.  Note Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking .  The bag has a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. If you need to absent himself on business, you can hang it around your neck or shoulder. You will not have to hold it in his hands. Bag with zipper. Inside a lot of pockets for cards and passports. There is a small pocket for small items, such as USB flash drive, which is also on the snake. For the money and important papers, there is an inner pocket with zipper. There is also a lock, which can be attached keys. Even in the bag has pockets for ID cards, where you can put a driver's license. The advantages of this bag are that it can put a lot of things and they will always be under your supervision.


Fly together? When online registration, select the places near the window and the passage (for example, 6A and 6C). If the aircraft is not full, there is a chance that the place in the middle will remain empty. And if the flight is cocky, a stranger is unlikely to refuse to change seats to a window or a passage.
At the business class reception desk, there is usually no one - boldly go there with tickets in the economy, it is unlikely to refuse.

As soon as the boarding is announced, the passengers immediately line up. And the meaning? Relax, wait until the queue is over - and go to the salon among the latter. Look, there are free rows, where all three seats are empty. Often they remain in the tail. Go there and sit down. You can stretch out to the full height. Are you afraid that all the regiments will occupy things? Stewardesses will certainly find a place for your bag, even in business class.
So as not to stand in line for the toilet, go there immediately after climbing, as soon as the sign board "Buckle up".

Drink as much water as possible in the flight without gas. As soon as the stewardess with the trolley travels, take not one glass, but two - three. Fluids in the plane need more than usual. Dryness in the nose and eyes (especially those who wear contact lenses) suggests that the body lacks water. And dehydrated mucous membrane protects against microbes. Tea and coffee are not so good - they contain caffeine, it will be more difficult to fall asleep. Of alcohol - a little red wine. It dilutes the blood and does not affect the tone of the vessels. Unlike whiskey and cognac, which tourists buy in duty-free.

To sleep in flight, choose a place by the window. There are more "support points" (you can lean against the wall), you do not have to get up to let the neighbor go to the toilet. The most uncomfortable seat is in the middle of the row, between two passengers. To choose the right place, register on the flight in advance, on the airline's website. Online check-in usually starts 24 hours before departure, sometimes for 36 or 48.

The most unsuccessful series is before the emergency exit: the backs of the seats do not recline. But the emergency exit line is more convenient than the others - more legroom (but now for such places the airlines are increasingly taking an extra charge). On the site seatguru.com, there are schemes of salons of all types of liners. Look at the rows at the emergency exit and what letters mark the places near the window.

Grab your inflatable pillow and a big warm scarf or stole. The more soft things, the more chances to build a semblance of a cozy bed in a chair. Take your headphones and a mask on your eyes so that noise and light do not interfere.

If you want to get to passport control faster (for example, a short docking between flights or further on the train, and time in no time), choose the first rows and places at the pass. Passengers sitting at the window, have to wait while others get their things off the shelves.


Wine, rum, olive oil - "liquid souvenirs" from our tourists are very popular. How to pack them, so that all things do not come home in a red wine sauce?
Do not throw plastic cases for bottles, which they protect in duty-free shops - they are light, do not occupy space, let them lie in their suitcase until the next trip. Expensive champagne is often sold in dense cases - and save them for the same case.
Disposable hotel slippers with rubber sole protect the bottles well. It is better to put them on two sides.
The trick to which the sommelier shared: they are taken from every trip not one bottle, but several. They shift them ... with diapers. They are soft, light and will absorb wine, even if the glass breaks.