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6 tips for easy travel.

Last time we talking about    How to travel cheap, if you have a large family?

We are not born with travel skills. But you can say for sure that travel experience is very important for gaining confidence. Do you want to gain experience in accelerated mode? Then our advice will help you to turn from a timid beginner to a confident tourist!

Tip 1: Determine the scheme of action at the airport.

After arriving in a foreign country at once there are various kinds of difficulties that are especially acute if you are in a different time zone and are terribly tired after the flight. And you need to go through immigration control, perhaps to exchange money and find out what to get to the rented apartment.

The best advice in this case - take your time. In advance, find out where at the airport of arrival you can exchange money and where the taxi stops. If you do not have the opportunity to find out or you arrive at a small airport, just watch the other passengers where they are going on arrival.

It is also very useful to get acquainted with someone from the passengers of the plane, perhaps they will tell you something useful. If you are lucky and you will be on the way, you can take a taxi together.


Tip 2: Study the city on a tour bus or a public transport.
We highly recommend you to take a ride on the tourist bus, which for an hour or two visits many of the city's sights. So it will be easier for you to understand which streets in the city are basic and what sights are worth visiting. For example, you can see all the main sights of Moscow on special buses. Find them easily by bright coloring.

Tip 3: Watch and remember.

It is very useful to observe the locals: where they buy food, how they communicate with traders on the streets. Repetition for someone allows us to remember the desired behavior pattern. This is normal, given that we have been doing this since birth.

You also learn to say "no" to obsessive sellers and those who are too friendly to you, otherwise, you may lose a lot of precious time, and in some cases money.
Tip 4: Do not bring a card with you.

Have you ever seen confident travelers with a map? No! But this does not mean that the map is not needed. Just study the map still "at home", in a rented apartment. Or make a route to the phone, then you will not look like an inexperienced tourist.

If you suddenly get lost, do not panic, just go to the nearest store and specify where you are.

Tip 5: Learn the language.

To gain confidence, learn a couple of basic phrases that you might need while walking around the city. The locals will appreciate your attempts and you will not look like another typical tourist.

Tip 6: Do not be isolated from others.

Confidence can be purchased by expanding the comfort zone: it is not necessary to rent a house for a day in the center of the capital, ride a private car and eat in an expensive restaurant chain.

Visit a local restaurant full of visitors. Ride on the bus. Rent a cozy private apartment. And be sure to order some unpronounceable local dish.

Believe me, every time it will be easier for you to travel. After all, the basic needs in any country are the same: eat, sleep, get to the destination. Soon you will get into the habit of quickly solving the main questions - you will start to really enjoy new experiences in a new place.

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