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How to avoid trouble when traveling alone?

Last time we talking about   How do deceive tourists when buying a tour?

In traveling alone there are a lot of pluses. You do not need to wait for anyone and drag yourself into the fossil museum when you want to sit on the terrace for half a day with a glass of wine. You can spend as much as you want and do not compromise from the category "I do not go to restaurants without Michelin stars." But also about own safety, it is necessary to care more carefully.

Do not be lost
At least one person should know all the details of your movements. Negotiate with him and tell about all your movements, including the names of hotels, flights and car numbers that you hire. Do not hesitate to take pictures wherever you have the Internet, and report your plans every day. If you suddenly disappear from the radar for a long time, your friend will have an excuse to sound an alarm in time.

Distribute finance
To go even to a civilized European country with only a credit card is the upper hand of frivolity. The most reliable banks also have technical malfunctions, and you will not have one hundred bucks for a couple of days before returning to the hotel. Ideal - two or three cards of different banks and some amount of cash in local currency in case you are brought to a remote village, where you have never heard of a cashless payment.

Think beforehand
The plan "on the spot we'll understand" - of course, the most fun and promises an amazing adventure. But the best improvisation is well thought out, especially since all organizational issues will have to be dealt with exclusively on their own. So do not be lazy and make inquiries in advance about the place you are going to:

- how to get from the airport to the city,
- in which areas it is better not to visit,
- how to call the embassy and where it is,
- what norms of behavior are accepted in the country, and how money is lured from tourists (or worse).

Be careful
A lone traveler is much more likely to become a victim of scammers. To attack companies usually only the most desperate of them are solved. Observe the local population and try not to stand out from the crowd.

Copy all the documents
This is the most obvious recommendation, and so it is worth doing on all trips, regardless of the presence or absence of the company. Make a few photocopies of the passport, driver's license, printouts of all air tickets and hotel armor. Do not save, put a copy in each bag, and also save it all in electronic form and send it to your mail.

To transport documents it is best to have a separate bag.  We present to your attention Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is very convenient for transportation or storage of documents. Bag on a belt, so you can wear it on the shoulder or around the neck. The belt is adjustable, you can make it longer or shorter as you wish. The bag is not large, but it perfectly placed several passports, securities, tickets, cards, phone. For added security, the bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro. In the middle of the bag has a lock, they can be mounted keys. The bag can be worn under clothing and no one will notice it. And you will not worry about your documents because they will always be near you.

Take care of communication
Do not rely on memory and your perfect English. Learn and write down the most necessary words in the local dialect, including your address and how to call for help. And not only in a smartphone that can be discharged at any time, but also on paper, and carries it along with copies of documents. Download or purchase a paper phrasebook and keep it handy.

Be careful with new people
Making friends around the world is one of the obvious advantages of traveling alone. Of course, there is no need to indulge in paranoia and circumvent all the local population per kilometer. It is necessary to observe basic safety rules. Do not say that you came without a company, do not spread about where you live, if you do not want intrusive guests. Do not drink with strangers from open containers and do not lean on alcohol.