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Traveling with the baby is important to know.

Last time we talking about    How to avoid trouble when traveling alone?

Each mother wants to provide maximum comfort and safety for her child, regardless of his age. However, it is for the youngest - this is a matter of paramount importance. If you decide to go on a trip, the birth of the baby should not interfere with the plans, you just need to know some subtleties and be ready for some difficulties.

Preparing for a trip

Usually, the kids are very adaptive and easily adapt to the difficulties of the flight, because the main thing for the child is that the mother is there. And, by the way, the good news is that young children do not get sick.
Before the trip, consult a doctor. It is assumed that your pediatrician is well acquainted with the "history of the disease" and the specifics of your child's development. If your baby is inclined to catch a cold or is too easily excited, flights, sadly, will have to be postponed until better times.

You can theoretically fly with an infant from a week old. Up to two years, your baby can travel for free, and older children - at a discount. When booking tickets, be sure to say that you need all kinds of infant accessories (by the way, find out what the airline provides the list of necessary things, and what you'll have to take with you from home). If your airline provides baby food to small passengers, you should also warn in advance that you will need it.


Carefully consider the collection and preparation of all documents. Especially the child's documents. It should be noted that if a child crosses the border with one of the parents, then it is necessary to have the "permission" of the second parent. Even if the parents are not already married. Documents should be kept near you. It is very difficult for young parents to be attentive to documents because everything is "taken away" by the child. In this case, it's best to get a bag for documents. You just put all the necessary documents in it and can pay all attention to the baby.  The best solution would be to put all the securities in one place and always wear them near him. This will help you bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking that has several compartments for documents of different sizes. Money, cards, passport, documents, tickets, certificates, camera and phone  will be hidden. The bag is worn around the neck, so it will not have to carry in their hands. The bag can be hidden under the jacket, and no one will guess where your money is stored.  Passports Holder with RFID Blocking  will be very useful for  young people. They  are always somewhere in a hurry, or all the attention to the company and friends and completely forget about the documents, money, and sometimes even on luggage. So do not take risks and rely on good fortune.

We leave for the airport

Come to the airport early. After all, you have a lot to do:
- you need to register,
- weigh the stroller,
- pay for it as an oversized cargo and pass it to the section where this oversized cargo is taken.

A stroller, however, you can take with you on board for free (and your baby will quietly sleep in it until the flight).

At the airport, it is convenient to spend time in the mother and child room, especially if you have a connecting flight. There you can spend time in relatively comfortable conditions (with children up to seven or eight years old), use the kitchen, transplant and feed the baby, and send the older child to the game room.
When inspections are carried out, children and their parents are usually missed without a queue (and often through a business class zone). You can carry water, juices and baby food on board.

In flight

Usually, the mother with the baby is placed in the first row of the salon. There's a lot of free space and the rest of the passengers will disturb your baby to the minimum. On the wall opposite the seat is attached the stewardess provided by the stewardess with a set of bed linen. Perhaps your baby will sleep in it all the way. Many airlines provide young travelers with diapers and bottles for feeding, as well as give coloring and toys to older children.

Also, the good places near the window are considered: then your neighbor will not disturb the child's sleep. If your baby is already actively walking - it is better to sit down near the aisle. A small traveler will be able to inspect the airplane space when bored from a long sitting.

Be sure to bring with you a bottle of water and a pacifier (which helps with piling in the ears during take-off), as well as books and toys. If you have a laptop - excellent, download there a lot of cartoons and children's games.

With a landing!

At the airport of arrival for the fact that you will be able to pass without queue passport control and receive luggage, you should not count. So relax and do not rush anywhere. After all, you still have to wait for luggage and receive a stroller in the oversized cargo section (by the way, you can start just by getting a stroller).

On the spot

Understand with food
Take with you the necessary for the rest time the number of jars with fruit and vegetable puree and safely set off. It will not hurt to take a steamer-blender with you for cooking. Any supermarket will provide most of the products you are familiar with. It is better not to rely on local yogurt and curd. Great luck, if you find one or two analogs.


You do not need to take your baby with you on a guided tour, even if you are traveling to countries, for example, to the northern part of Europe, where everything is suitable for traveling with children. A small child is not able to appreciate the beauty of the paintings in the museum. It is better to take him there when he grows up, then the impressions will be much more valuable. And you are more tired than having fun. But the sea, castles from the sand, the sun and bathing - this is what you need.