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The best places in the plane. How to choose a good place?

Last time we talking about   Traveling with the baby is important to know.

To have a great time on the plane, you need to know where the best seats on the plane are. In the article below, general tips for choosing a seat in an airplane.

* Place near the porthole

If you plan to sleep, or,
 Read what good lighting is needed for, then the chair by the window is the most optimal option.

First, no one will "squeeze" through your place to your own and will not bother you, and secondly, a wonderful view of the clouds and their bizarre shapes will not get bored in the event of a short-term flight. True, it depends on the flight time, at night, alas, you do not see much.

From such a place it is more difficult to stand, for example, in the toilet. I'll have to disturb your neighbors.

 *Aisle seat

It is extremely convenient that you can stretch your legs into the passage, get up unhindered, go to the toilet, and also have a little earlier time to get out after landing the aircraft.

People and flight attendants with trolleys will pass near you. They can touch sometimes. You also have to get up whenever the neighbors want to get up from their chair. These are more troubled places.

* Places "in the middle" - neutral places

These are "neutral" places. Combine the pros and cons of the armchairs near the porthole and the seats at the aisle. It is calmer here than at the passage and easier to get up than from the chair near the "window".

But still, you have to skip one neighbor if he wants to get out. And ask to get up another neighbor if you want to get out.

* Places that are located after emergency exits

Characteristics in that the distance to the next row is slightly increased, which allows you to pass the time of flight with great comfort - stretch your legs, get up if necessary, without disturbing neighbors. Some types of aircraft generally lack a number of seats in front of the seats at the emergency exit/hatch.

Often airlines, for security reasons, practice leaving these places for people who are athletic training. It is assumed that in the case of an emergency evacuation such a person will not lose consciousness, will be able to open the emergency hatch and help the personnel to get people out, but, of course, not all airlines make such a "plan".

In this connection, passengers with children, animals and elderly people can not be here.

Another of the drawbacks - the approach to hatches can not be blocked by hand luggage.

* Places that are located in front of emergency hatches.
Here, usually, only the minuses - most often the backs of the seats in these rows are fixed or have a very small deviation angle. This is done in order not to block approaches to emergency doors.

The row that is in the section between the two emergency exits has plus. In this case, you will have additional space in front of you.

 * Locations in front of the salon

Most often, food service begins with a "nose", so the front rows assume the convenience and breadth of choice of beverages and food offered.

As a rule, if the place is in the tail part of the aircraft, then the passenger is limited in the choice of assortment (all dismantled at the very beginning). In addition, the first row - an excellent opportunity to go down the ladder one of the first.

But even here there are disadvantages - often in the bow are installed fastenings for children's cradles and there can be passengers with small children.
Who flew near a child who does not tolerate the flight and 7 or 12 hours crying, he knows that you probably will not be able to sleep.

* Seats in the tail

The only, but significant advantage of this place is its comparative safety.

According to American statistics, of all survivors of passenger accidents, 67% were sitting at the tail.

And if the airport is not equipped with telescopic ramps, it happens that the passengers are let out / run simultaneously from the bow and tail parts. If this is the case, you quickly leave the plane.

Still, I will note that on "unloaded" flights, places in the tail are usually empty. So you can comfortably sleep at once on 3 chairs.


* First row/row before which there are no seats

If your series is the first (it can be not only the "first row" physically, but also the first row, after another class of service, or the first row in one of the sections of the salon, before which there are no seats), then a significant advantage of this arrangement is that On you no one will throw the back of his seat. In the conditions of a small distance between the ranks of the economic class, this can be very important.

Of the minuses, we note that most likely you will have a partition or kitchen/toilet. It is not very convenient for some passengers to look the entire flight into the "wall". Also, on the wall, there may be fastenings for children's cradles.

* Last row/row behind which there are no seats
Most likely, the backs of seats in this row do not recline or are strongly limited in this. This happens when you have an emergency exit, a toilet, a kitchen, another technical room or a wall.

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