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We canceled the flight to the plane. What to do?

Last time we talking about    The best places in the plane. How to choose a good place?

Many of us had a situation in life when the airline canceled the flight and we did not know what to do and what we were supposed to do for it. So today we will talk about what to do if the flight is canceled on the plane.

1. Who is to blame if the flight is canceled?

Surely you've heard that airlines are not always to blame for canceling a flight and run with screams to the airline's chief manager at the airport just so it's not worth it. The first thing you need to clarify is the reason for canceling the flight.

The airline is to blame if the flight is canceled due to:

- Unspecified in the schedule
- If the crew did not have time to prepare or remove the aircraft
- If at the reception desk there are problems with the passenger landing due to overbooking. Overbooking is when an airline sells more seats than it actually does on an airplane because statistics say that not all passengers arrive on their flight.
- If this flight is not profitable for the airline
- Other situations in which the carrier could not prove and explain the circumstances that affected the failure to fulfill his duties.

The airline is not to blame if interrupted:

- Weather conditions and natural disasters (fires, snow drifts, floods)

- Weather conditions and natural disasters (fires, snow drifts, floods)
- Martial law and military actions
- Termination or restriction of the carriage of goods in certain directions;
- Strike of airline personnel or aircraft malfunction, threatening the passenger.

2. What do you get if the flight is canceled a few days before departure?

If the flight is canceled through the fault of the airline, it should offer you several options:

- Another flight. This can be a completely different route for the same airline or another company's flight. You can not change the destination.
- Refund of the ticket price in full. If you bought one ticket for a flight with a transfer, you can count on refunding the cost of your entire itinerary.
- If the flight was canceled 14 days before departure, then the ticket price can not be refunded. If you are warned about the cancellation of the flight 13 days before departure, there is a possibility of getting compensation, and it depends on the duration of your flight.

- If you were warned about the cancellation of the flight for 7-13 days and offered a new flight, and fate played a cruel joke with you and the new flight was canceled too, then you have the right to demand compensation depending on the duration of the flight and the duration of the delay. If the flight was delayed for 2 hours, it is already worthwhile to go and receive your compensation from 125 euros and above.

3. Canceled the flight at the airport

The flight can be canceled for any reason, as well as for the fault and without the fault of the air carrier. In this case, the airline employees must explain to you for what reason the flight was canceled and if they are to blame, it is possible to offer you a flight by another company (for free). If you fly a national company within the EU, you can require special benefits, depending on the situation:

- If your flight is delayed up to 3 hours - no compensation is provided.
- If the flight is delayed more than 3 hours and your flight is up to a distance of 1500 km, then you are entitled to EUR 250
- If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and your flight is in the distance from 1500 km to 3500 km, then you are entitled to 400 euros of compensation
- If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and your flight is within the EU within a distance of 1500 km, you are entitled to EUR 400
- If the flight is delayed for 3 to 4 hours and your flight is at a distance of 3500 km, then you are entitled to 300 euros of compensation
- If the flight is delayed more than 4 hours and your flight is at a distance of 3,500 km, then you are entitled to 600 euros of compensation

You can return the cost of the flight only if your flight was delayed by more than 5 hours

Consider the most common case: You came for registration, and your flight was taken and detained. What if the flight is delayed?

If the flight is delayed from 2 to 4 hours, you are entitled to:

- Two phone calls or the ability to send 2 emails
- Free non-alcoholic drinks
- Free use of the mother and child room if the passenger is flying with a child under 7 years of age.
- If the flight was delayed more than 4 hours, then you must provide hot meals.
- If the flight was delayed for a long time, then you must feed the day every 6 hours and at night every 8 hours.

- If the flight was carried more than 8 hours in the afternoon and more than 6 hours at night, the air carrier is obliged to provide you with a hotel and a round-trip transfer at the expense of the airline. And know that by law you should not be placed in the same room as a stranger, and you have the right to demand a separate number.

It is also important to monitor the security of documents. They should be near you and under supervision. We strongly recommend using a separate document bag.  We strongly recommend you retain and carry their documents in a separate bag, which must lie nearby. Note Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking . Documents should not put in a bag with things.  The bag has a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. If you need to get out with a bag, you can hang it around your neck or shoulder. You will not have to hold it in his hands. Bag with zipper. Inside a lot of pockets for cards and passports. There is a small pocket for small items, such as USB flash drive, which is also on the snake. For the money and important papers, there is an inner pocket with zipper. There is also a lock, which can be attached keys. Even in the bag has pockets for ID cards, where you can put a driver's license. The advantages of this bag are that it can put a lot of things and they will always be in the manner and under your supervision.

4. How to get compensation for cancellation or delay of flight

4.1. Where to complain if the flight was canceled

Always the proceedings will take place in the country in which the flight was canceled. You can file a complaint at the airport. If the airport does not have an office of your airline, then the complaint can be written on the company's website, but frankly, such complaints are not considered or simply deleted and we had experience in it. It is best to write a complaint and send it by registered mail to the airline office (in which case you need to keep a copy and all related documents with a flight - this you will need in court).

4.2. When is it worth complaining

The faster the better! Each country has its own terms for considering such situations. You can present your complaint within 6 months from the date of cancellation or delay of the flight.

If the money is returned, when?

The Airline does not have exact deadlines for the return of funds and each company operates according to its rules and is ready to return the money within a reasonable time. When transferring a European flight, the amount must be returned within 7 days.

Let's sum up the results

If the flight is canceled or delayed, it is in your best interests to collect as much information as possible about the delay in the flight (photo of the departure flight, the note on the delay ticket or written receipt), checks on the costs of food and drinks, etc. Having more evidence on hand, all This will contribute to the proceedings with the company or in court.

Fly, travel and know your rights!