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A few tips to help you comfortably spend the night in a tent.

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In the summer you plan to go to nature, fry their shish kebabs, taking with them a fishing rod, frisbee, sunblock, and tent? If you are not yet an experienced tourist, here are 10 tips that will really help to spend the night in a tent with comfort.

1. Check the equipment of the tent

Before you go on a trip, check to see if all the pegs and ropes are in place. Lay out the tent at home and make sure that you have all the necessary parts to install it. Usually, the tent consists of a waterproof awning and an internal light tent with a mosquito net and a waterproof bottom. It is attached pegs, frame arcs and ropes that hold the rag house in a strong wind.

Do not be lazy and check to see if the lightning is running out of your tent. With the advent of darkness, you can crawl not only the cold but also all sorts of insects.

2. Learn how to set up a tent

It is very important! A crookedly placed tent may leak in the rain or fly away in the wind. Read the instructions first.

Remember that the tent should stand on a level surface without any holes and bumps. Collect the tent (tie all the ropes, stick pegs, stretch the canopy and close all the doors). In this position, the tent should not fall. If it looks like a real flat house, then you can safely spend the night there.

3. Stock up with a mat or mattress

Despite the fact that the tent is equipped with a waterproof bottom, it perfectly passes the cold. And if you do not want to freeze, then take an air mattress. Sleeping on such a bed is comfortable, but it costs five times more than a mat. Choose you.

4. Prepare the sleeping bag and blanket

If you think that a simple blanket will save you from the night's cold in the tent in the summer, you are very mistaken. In nature, especially in the morning, it is very cold.

Optimal solution - sleeping bag. Choose it carefully and pay special attention to the comfort temperature, which is indicated on it. This is the air temperature at which you do not freeze in the sleeping bag.

5. Bring a hot water bottle

It will not take up much space, but on a cold night, you will be very pleased with it. A good option is a salt bottle: it is long enough, it is safe to use. If the cold caught you off guard, and you do not have a hot water bottle at hand, you can take an ordinary plastic bottle, fill it with hot water and put it in your sleeping bag.

6. Do not forget the pillow

Another important thing that will help to survive the night in a tent is a pillow. Do not take with you a large domestic down pillow. All this variety will perfectly replace the inflatable analog. Inflatable pillows are sold not only in tourist shops but also in hypermarkets.

Another good replacement for the pillow is a cover from your sleeping bag, into which you can put warm clothes, such as a jacket. The tent will be in order, and you will not lose the cover.

7. Prepare protection against insects

Mosquitoes, beetles, lice, spiders are not the most pleasant neighbors in the tent. To insects do not penetrate the rag, close the doors tightly.

There is a modern way - a portable battery-powered device. Works all night, does not smell and does not make noise, but it costs more than spirals from insects.
Do not wear woolen clothes on nature, since the scent of wool attracts ticks.

8. Grab the removable socks

In a tent camp, you may have to change a pair of socks per day. They will not occupy much space, so do not be modest and take at least three pairs for two days.

9. Take the folding chair

In order not to look for a decent log and not sit on blankets, grab the folding chairs. "A place to sit" will be with you wherever you go, and your hands will be free.

10. Prepare to light for the tent and territory

In order not to stumble in the night about pegs and not look for things to the touch, stock up on economical, but powerful enough lighting. Cover the transparent plastic jar with luminous in the dark colors. Better from the inside, then do not get your hands dirty.

11. Do not forget to take your documents with you. Yes Yes! Documents in the campaign! They are necessary, as a first-aid kit. If the campaign ends successfully, without any incidents, then it will be good. But you need to think about what to do if there is an emergency. For example, you fell and broke your arm or leg. It is necessary to call 911. Then in the hospital, you will be asked to show the documents. Well, then you need money for the medicine. Therefore, it makes sense to take money and documents to the campaign. 

You should buy a bag for documents. It should be in your field of vision. The best option is to dress her through the neck under the clothes. This way you hide the bag from the unwanted attention of thieves. 

Never carry your documents and money in a women's handbag. Airport and travel - not a place for fashion. You should buy a bag for documents. It should be in your field of vision. The best option is to dress her through the neck under the clothes. This way you hide the bag from the unwanted attention of thieves. 

We encourage you to Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. Bag is convenient because it is not large, but it is possible to put all the essentials. The bag is sewn from a water-repellent material. It can be worn on the shoulder or worn around the neck. We recommend you hide it under clothing in order to it could not be seen, robbers. Bag with Velcro. Outside there is a pocket with zipper. In the middle, there are a few pockets for passports and tickets and cards. They are standard size. There is also a lock key. There is a pocket for identity cards. The length of the strap on the bag, you can adjust yourself. In this bag are placed several passports, tickets, cards, money, keys, headphones with the phone. Optionally, you can still put something. This is a great option for those who need to keep everything under control.