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Rules for air travel of pregnant women

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An obligatory condition for the air transportation of pregnant women is the provision of information in the mode of booking a ticket for the period of pregnancy. On board the aircraft, there is no possibility to provide qualified medical assistance, so, if possible, it is better for pregnant women to refuse air travel.

At a normal state of pregnancy and childbirth no more than 36 weeks for women with the first pregnancy and not more than 34 weeks for women with a repeat pregnancy, taken on board without medical examination.

Provision of medical certificate
Medical examination, issued not earlier than a week before the flight, is necessary in case
Less than 4 weeks left until delivery;
The course of pregnancy is accompanied by complications;
There is a possibility of complications during childbirth;
Previously, a woman had childbirth with the birth of more than one child.

In this case, there are no rules for the transportation of patients or persons with disabilities.

A traveling pregnant woman should remember that for the unfavorable consequences for her or the fetus, the occurrence of which is possible in connection with the flight, the carrier does not bear responsibility. A number of airlines are asked to sign a guarantee agreement stating that the airline is not responsible for the adverse consequences that may occur to pregnant women and the fetus during the journey and after the flight

Air travel is prohibited:

- Women waiting for delivery within a week, and in the first week after childbirth;
- Pregnant if the duration of the flight is more than 4 hours;
- Healthy newborn in the first week of life.

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