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Acclimatization. How to overcome motion sickness?

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How not to spoil your holiday?

Every person lives in a certain biological rhythm. Rhythm is about 24 hours a day, monthly and yearly. Observance of the circadian rhythm is most important for the organism. Let's say you are flying to Southeast Asia. The big gap in time is not so acute at first. New impressions allow you to mobilize and not feel tired on the first day. On the second day, for unexplained reasons, you suddenly start to fall off your feet. In the body, failure begins. The day gets confused with the night, the headaches, palpitations, pressure leaks, memory and attention worsen.

 Council. With a time difference of more than 4 - 5 hours, try to plan a trip so that you arrive at a resting place in the night - so you naturally fit into the local regime. On the first day - less activity, just sleeps more, eat, stroll through the terrain on foot. Then acclimatization will be more smooth. And even in the first few days, drink less alcohol.


Practice shows that the reverse adaptation of the organism (re-acclimatization) in most people proceeds much more rigidly than acclimatization. Hardly adapted to the new conditions of the body (especially if the holiday was short) again have to break yourself. As a result of such disorientation in time and space, the organism is immersed in stress - in both the psychic sense and in the physiological sense. And often the more comfortable you feel on vacation, the harder the re-acclimatization takes place.

1. Plan a return from vacation so that in stock before going to work there were 2 - 3 days just for idleness. Our task is to suppress the excitement in order to balance the daily rhythm. In this case, natural adaptogens will come to the rescue.

2. Do not rush into the work with the head, changing the rhythm and time should pass smoothly. If possible, shorten the working week, which will quickly return to the usual regime.

3. Any vacation is associated with us with some special feelings. Whether it's going to a coffee shop or music, anything that brings you positive memories. Therefore, in ordinary life, you should arrange for yourself small holidays to maintain the mood at the proper level.

4. For those who actively moved during the holiday, it would not be superfluous to continue playing sports in the future. Do not want to practice in the hall? Daily half-hour walks in the fresh air will be invaluable for your body. Exercise will relieve stress and tension.

5. Enter a rule at least one day a week to visit the pool or sauna, massage or sunbathe in the solarium, perform yoga exercises.

6. Not the least role is played by proper nutrition, especially after a busy day's work. Fresh salads and vegetables, rich in vitamins, fruits, and grains make up a good diet. The shortage of trace elements is easy to replenish if you diversify your diet with fish or nuts.

Fulfilling these simple recommendations, you will retain a sense of cheerfulness, and the past rest will have a positive impact for a long time.

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How to win motion sickness

 What if you suddenly got sick and do not have any special means at hand?

1. Find the quietest place where shakes least. In the car - it's the front seat, on the plane - an armchair over the wing, in the train - the lower shelf. If possible, lie down, it's better to one side. In an airplane, you can lift the armrests and lie on a free row of armchairs, if there is one.

2. It is important that you are located the face in the direction of movement.

3. Close your eyes or focus on a fixed object. In the car, you can look at the horizon line. By the way, the driver is swaying seldom, because his eyes are focused on the road. Night sway less because in the dark is not so clearly seen flickering outside the window.

4. Ensure the flow of fresh air - open the window, and if this is not possible, turn on the individual air conditioner, fan the magazine.

5. To distract yourself, you can listen to music, and if you want to read, then keep the text still, close to your face, right before your eyes, to look at it point-blank rather than down.

6. Avoid irritating odors (gasoline, coffee, perfume).

7. Some advise you to imagine jumping into cold water.

8. If possible, attach a headscarf or other piece of cloth moistened with cold water to the neck and head. It is said that this method is especially effective in combination with a warmer on the soles of the feet.

9. Chew the cud, especially peppermint and citrus, or suck a candy. Many people are bitten by the tip of the match. If you have dry biscuits or crackers with you, gnaw on them.

10. Sometimes, to get rid of nausea, it is enough to smell an orange, a mandarin or a carnation.11. Do not smoke, as this will aggravate the problem.