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  Traveling people are sometimes unhappy with the rest. Tourists often face legal problems before, during and after their journey. To know your rights, you need to read some of the provisions of the law. Every tourist should know that today all tour companies are divided into tour operators and travel agents.

The tour operator is engaged in the formation of a tourist product. Travel agent - the sale of this product. Each tour operator has its own specific set of tourist services, while the agency works simultaneously with several operators and has a wider range of offers. The right choice for a tourist.

When preparing for a trip, pay attention to the reputation of the travel agency, the services of which you are going to use:

- work experience of the company;
- the cost of a tourist product;
- literacy of travel agency managers, their ability to answer all your questions about the forthcoming trip clearly and easily;
- In the office of the company, familiarize yourself with the sample contract.

The following information about the tourist product is provided for the tourist:

- rules for the provision of services for the sale of tourist products;
- information on local customs and shrines;
- on existing legislative, religious requirements and prohibitions along the route;
- on the rules of personal safety;

About the risk factors for health, the dangers that a tourist may encounter.

As a rule, tourists are not accustomed to carefully study the contract with the travel agency before signing it. The analysis of complaints shows that in many cases the claims are caused precisely by this circumstance. Tourists are not timely interested in their rights and responsibilities. But the quality of your holiday largely depends on how the contract is drawn up. Therefore, before signing, carefully study it. If any items are in doubt, consult with a lawyer.

Please note how the program of your trip and its conditions (information about accommodation facilities, accommodation, meals, transportation services, etc.), the rights and responsibilities of the parties are set out.

The tour operator should provide financial guarantees to consumers, and therefore must either get a bank guarantee or insure its responsibility to customers. The size of the financial guarantee depends on whether the tour operator or one country is engaged in international tourism.

Tourists have the right to ensure personal safety and unhindered receipt of emergency medical care. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the legislation also requires tourists to observe the rules during the trip.

 In any journey, you must be attentive to your documents. As long as you are nervous about the late arrival of the aircraft, the robber had already watching you. Keep your documents and money with you. The best solution would be to put all the securities in one place and always wear them near him. This will help you bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking that has several compartments for documents of different sizes. Money, cards, passport, documents, tickets, certificates, camera and phone will be hidden. The bag is worn around the neck, so it will not have to carry in their hands. The bag can be hidden under the jacket, and no one will guess where your money is stored.  Passports Holder with RFID Blocking  will be very useful for young people. They are always somewhere in a hurry, or all the attention to the company and friends and completely forget about the documents, money, and sometimes even on luggage. So do not take risks and rely on good fortune.