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How to avoid troubles and force majors when traveling by plane?

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Sometimes a trip to a vacation or a business trip can complicate the force majeure situation. It is impossible to foresee everything, but you still need to try to avoid some problems. We will tell you how to avoid trouble when traveling by plane.

What should I do if I made a mistake writing my name when booking my documents?

The sooner you notice the inaccuracy - the higher the chances of fixing everything: sometimes airlines allow to cancel the order with the refund of the amount for the ticket. Always check all the data in the itinerary receipt immediately after purchasing the ticket. If the time for cancellation has already expired, it is necessary to clarify the rules of a specific airline and find out how to make amendments.

Some carriers do not allow adjustments, in which case only a refund of a ticket with a penalty and the purchase of a new one is possible. Other carriers can reissue the data for free when providing a copy of the passport. There are companies that clearly prescribe the fee for such changes. A single set of rules for all airlines does not exist, so you should contact a particular carrier with a request for advice on this issue.

Do not count on the "rule of three errors", actively discussed on the Internet.

Some airlines do not allow a single typing error (mainly Asian carriers, Finnish Finnair and flights of most airlines in the US). Keep in mind that an employee at the front desk may not meet you, noticing the discrepancies in the itinerary and passport, and leave you at home with dreams of the sunny coast. And even if you successfully fly out of the country, there are no guarantees that there will be no questions and troubles upon arrival.

What if you are late for an airplane?

It happens that because of traffic jams or late for aero express the passenger does not have time on his flight. If you do not appear for registration 40 minutes before departure, the airline designates the situation as the no-show. This can happen even if you are already at the airport and are waiting in line for registration. It is important to remember that 40 minutes before departure, the staff will stop servicing.

If you are standing in line for registration and you realize that you are late, you should be persistent and ask other passengers to let you go ahead. We advise you to find out if there is a stall for late arrivals at the airport, where you can be allowed to fly for a fee with a slight delay (5-10 minutes). You can also call the airline in advance to reissue the ticket for another flight. Sometimes this can be done only before the end of registration or before departure of the flight from the airport, then the ticket simply "burns out".

In any journey, you must be attentive to your documents. As long as you are nervous about the late arrival of the aircraft, the robber had already watching you. Keep your documents and money with you. The best solution would be to put all the securities in one place and always wear them near him. This will help you bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking that has several compartments for documents of different sizes. Money, cards, passport, documents, tickets, certificates, camera and phone will be hidden. The bag is worn around the neck, so it will not have to carry in their hands. The bag can be hidden under the jacket, and no one will guess where your money is stored.  Passports Holder with RFID Blocking  will be very useful for young people. They are always somewhere in a hurry, or all the attention to the company and friends and completely forget about the documents, money, and sometimes even on luggage. So do not take risks and rely on good fortune.