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How to avoid troubles and force majors when traveling by plane? (part 2)

Last time we talking about   How to avoid troubles and force majors when traveling by plane?

What to do if you are denied registration?

There are situations that airlines refuse to register for a flight if the ticket to another country is purchased only one way. Often a return ticket requires the employees of the passport and visa control of the country of destination. A passenger who can not convince officials that he is not a potential migrant is more likely to be deported to his homeland. Often this is paid by the airline, on the flight of which the passenger checks documents (validity of the passport, valid visa, return ticket) occurs even before departure.

If you have not decided on the return date, we recommend calling at the airports and specifying the cost of the surcharge for changing the date of the return flight. It is better to pay extra for the opportunity to change the date of the return ticket than to receive a ban on departure without a return ticket.

What to do with overbooking?

Sometimes airlines sell more tickets than places on the plane: there is always a percentage of those who refuse to fly or will be late. If everything has appeared on the flight, the last registered person may not have enough space. As a rule, in this case, the option of transfer to the nearest flight or refund of the ticket cost is offered. Very rarely, in addition, they give monetary or bonus compensation.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to pass online registration on the airline's website in advance. As a rule, the current service becomes available 24 hours before departure. When online registration is guaranteed you will take a certain place in the cabin of the aircraft. To come to the opening of registration is better two hours before departure. Such situations are not frequent but happen on peak dates of flights - for example, during the New Year holidays and in the season of summer holidays.

What if the flight was canceled?

Changing the schedule or canceling the flight, unfortunately, is not such a rare case. If this is known in advance, the passenger is notified using the contact information left when buying the ticket. In this case, alternative flight options may be offered: at another time or another day, possibly with a transfer instead of a direct flight or a partner airline flight.

As a rule, there is a refund option if none of the proposed options is appropriate.

If the changes in the timetable are operational and they become known only at the airport, there are not so many options for passengers. Tickets for flights of other airlines on the day of departure are either already sold out or are more expensive than for other dates. In most cases, you have to wait for the departure of a delayed flight. Do not forget to ask for coupons for food with a delay of departure more than four hours. At a delay of eight hours, the carrier must provide the hotel.

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