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How to help an airplane passenger, if it became bad?

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Flight on an airplane is a stress for any organism. But for people with a variety of diseases, it can pose a serious danger to life. It is known that most of the deaths are caused by diseases that the person suffered before the flight.

Who can not fly?

The risk group includes, first of all, patients with cardiovascular diseases, such as ischemic heart disease, hypertension. Contraindicated to fly to those who have recently suffered a heart attack, stroke or hypertensive crisis. People with heart disease can become ill because of the reduced pressure in the cabin - on board, it corresponds to the pressure at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level, which causes less oxygen in the bloodstream. People with increased intracranial pressure also can not fly. There is a risk for those who have the pathology of blood clotting.

You can not fly people suffering from respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and pneumothorax. To abstain for some time from flights is necessary for those who have recently undergone surgical operations, especially operations in the thorax or abdomen.

Those who suffer from psychiatric diseases, such as epilepsy, may experience an attack in the cabin of the aircraft, so it is also better not to fly. Caution should be observed and diabetics. Absolute contraindication for the flight is also infectious diseases.

May not be allowed into the plane of pregnant women after 36 weeks. Different airlines have their own rules in this respect, some air carriers refuse to take pregnant women on board at the time of 28 weeks because of the risk of premature birth. Newborn children can be taken on a plane only if a doctor flies with you.

 Will they help?

- Aircraft crews are necessarily trained to provide first aid, so if someone becomes unwell, flight attendants will help him.

- On board, there is a first aid kit, which the crew can use. There is also a medical first aid kit, but only a doctor from among the passengers can open it.

- In special cases, the crew will contact the nearest airport and ask for an emergency landing.

- At the airports, doctors are on duty who will provide the person with the necessary medical care.

- Directly from the side of the plane, the sick passenger can immediately be hospitalized.

- If the illness of one of the passengers became known even before the flight, it can be removed from the flight.

For a healthy person, flying is also stress. Overloads, pressure drops, and low mobility negatively affects the body. In addition, the interior of the aircraft has low air humidity (20%), so the mucous membranes can dry up. Experts advise drinking during the flight more water and give up alcohol and drinks containing caffeine.

Since most of the time during the flight we are sitting, we need to periodically get up and walk around the cabin, stretch our legs so that they do not swell and the blood does not stagnate. Do not put hand luggage under your feet.

Do not forget to take a first aid kit with a minimum set of medicines. In the liquid vials should not be more than 100 milliliters.

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