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What do you need to know when you travel?

 Last time we talking about:  What you need to know when traveling on a bus?

Many in the childhood loved to read books about travel to distant lands and incredible adventures. And who among us did not want to visit at least once? Today it is not very difficult - if you want, you can visit the whole world. However, before we try the dishes of "strange" cuisine or explore the pyramids, we need to do a lot of different things. Choose where to go, what tour operator to choose, what to take on the road and much more. Today we will talk about what to do if you are going on a trip. Especially it will be useful for those who are going to travel for the first time.

Of course, those tips that can be useful to a traveler depend first of all on where and how he was going to travel. A trip by car to a neighboring region, a sea cruise or traveling to distant countries by plane is quite different from each other. Here we will try to give the most general advice that can help travelers.

First of all, no matter where you decided to go and how you are going to travel, pack a first aid kit with you, with all the necessary medicines. It should include funds that can be useful to you regardless of your location - antiseptics, plaster, sterile bandages, remedies for headaches and stomach upsets. Do not forget to know what medicines are forbidden to import in the country where you planned to go. Also make sure that you have not forgotten the documents that will be needed for you on the road - passport, medical insurance. Check the tickets. From a passport it is best to make a couple of xerox copies in advance, which can be irreplaceable in case of loss. It is also better to immediately learn about the representation of your country in the place where you eat. Write down his address, phone - they also will be useful to you, if something happens to your documents. Tours to the country where you are traveling are best booked in advance. In this case, wherever you go, you will have enough time to study this place, local habits, and customs, book a hotel room and better prepare for the trip itself. Take an interest in the weather that can expect you. This will allow you not to take with you a lot of extra things, while you will not forget something necessary. Do not need to fill suitcases to the brim, leave them a place for updates and various souvenirs that you want to bring home. You can also bring a small bag for shopping.

Equally important is knowing the language of the country where you eat. If you or one of your loved ones does not know him well enough, it's better to take a small pocket phrase book with you. It will help you feel in another country more confidently. Money is another important thing in any journey. In order to avoid the theft of all money, it is most sensible not to take a lot of cash with you, but to distribute your funds. For example, some of them are put on a card, others are exchanged for traveler's checks, etc. In this case, no matter what happens, you will always have a certain amount of money with you.

When you go on a trip, you should pay special attention to your documents. Everyone knows that there are a lot of scammers, robbers, and pickpockets in the airport.   To prevent robbery, we recommend that you purchase a document bag. We present to you the Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2-in-1. This bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Also, it can not be hidden under clothing. Belt length can be adjusted individually. The bag will fit a lot of things, such as a passport and documents, money and tickets, keys and phone cards and a flash card. The bag has many pockets, so mess it will not. Bag small but compact. Made of durable material good. There is a pocket with zipper and Velcro for the most valuable things. There is also a pocket for identity cards. The bag is very comfortable and will be helpful in your journey.

Whichever way of travel you use on your journey, it is best to take with you some means of motion sickness. If you decide to go on a big tour, planning to visit many different cities or countries, pre-sign your route and where you would like to go. However, do not try to visit as many places as possible and do too frequent travels - because your body will need acclimatization. In the event that the means of your movement around the country will be your own or rented car, make sure that at night he does not stay in dark, low-lying places or car parks that are poorly guarded.

Immediately after settling in the hotel, disassemble your suitcases, check your clothes. If some things are strongly wrinkled, folds can be smoothed with steam - hang these things in the bathroom, while turning on hot water.

Remember also that you should not drink tap water, or eat food that you are not sure of.

On this advice beginner traveler does not end - in time you can add to them a lot of their own. In addition, when planning any trip, it is worth considering the specifics of each country separately. Then you will be ready for any surprises and will be able to get the most out of your holiday.