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Memo to tourists: what should I know when going on a trip?

Last time we talking about: What do you need to know when you travel?

 Let the rest be pleasant, cheerful and full of positive events. However, the soul is calmer when you know how to act in a difficult situation. What should be in the medicine cabinet, what to do while waiting for an ambulance, аnd how not to get into the network of scammers?


The most common problem for the skin on summer vacations is sunburn. To avoid them, you need to combine chemical and physical protection. Simply put, use protective creams and clothes, headgear. It is important to know that the SPF factor does not affect the duration of the protection. This means that any cream should be updated no later than 2 hours, and the old layer needs to be washed off. Also, the application of cream should be renewed after bathing.

The basic rule of a healthy tan is gradualness and moderation. In the period between 11 and 16 hours, it is better to avoid direct sunlight. Children should not be in the sun for more than two hours.

If nevertheless, the sun has burnt the skin, it is necessary to assess the extent of the lesion and, proceeding from this, act.

There is a myth that you will not burn out in cloudy weather. This is not true. Ultraviolet penetrates through clouds, through water, and through clothing. Therefore, it is important to combine protective equipment. Sunburns are premature aging of the skin and delayed problems that can appear after years.


Severe trauma, acute pain, severe deterioration, severe sun or thermal burn, drowning - all these situations require the urgent participation of a qualified specialist. In the Altai Territory, all territories are covered by the ambulance service. This means that in any place, even far from populated areas, a doctor can come to you. It is very important to accurately state the location, indicate the landmarks that will help quickly find the place of stay of the victim.


1. Take the victim to a cool place.
2. Put a cold compress on the forehead.
3. Provide air access.
4. When vomiting (in case the person is unconscious) monitor the position of the head.
5. In the case of a severe headache, give the appropriate drug (analgesic).


1. Preparations for intoxication
2. A means for stopping diarrhea
3. Intestinal antiseptic
4. Antipyretic drugs
5. Remedy for Allergies
6. Means for processing and dressing wounds, scratches.

Among the necessary drugs, there are no antibiotics. They can not be taken without the appointment of a doctor, moreover, antibiotics can significantly change the picture of the disease.


1. Take an interest in the reputation of a travel agency, in which you are going to buy a tour. Read reviews on the Internet, ask friends. Verified companies work in the market for at least several years, and generally satisfy their clients.

2. Call the company by phone: by talking to a specialist you can understand how reliable the firm is. If the manager does not have information or answers evasively questions about the cost of tours, their content, the road, this is a bad sign.

3. Study the terminology to know exactly which information to look at first. Tour operator - a company that creates a tourist product and provides services to tourists. A travel agent is a firm that sells a tourist product, formed by a tour operator.

4. Pay attention to the prices. The Too low cost of vouchers should alert.

5. Carefully read the contract for the provision of tourist services. In bona fide firms, everything that was promised in words is documented. Unfair companies are limited to wording that can be treated in two ways.

6. Be careful with raffles and lotteries. This is another technique that often works for inexperienced travelers.

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