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How to fly with a child: the rules of a comfortable trip?

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How to fly with a child: the rules of a comfortable trip?

The plane is one of the safest and most comfortable ways of traveling around the world. However, many parents are afraid to fly with children, considering air travel complicated and uncomfortable. We state that it is not so! Today we have prepared tips for you, how to fly with children, so as not to inconvenience yourself and others. We assure, our little tricks will help you to exhale and look at the air travel with the enamored eyes of your child.

How to fly with a child: how much does it cost?

Like many other modes of transport, airline tickets for children are cheaper than for adults. Airlines apply special tariffs to children:

Tariff infant (infant) - for children from 0 to 2 years. Children travel without a seat, in the hands of an adult, for only 10% of the cost of the full fare. Low cost also practices a fixed price for babies on all flights. Baggage for the infant can not be relied on - at the discretion of the airline. But the carriage is almost always for free. In some cases, children under 2 years can travel without payment, most often on domestic flights of airlines. In this case, all the luggage - the adult.

Rate Child (child) - for children 2-11 years. As soon as the kids turn 2, they start traveling at the Child rate, which is 50-75% of the adult tariff. It assumes a separate place for a small passenger, as well as registration of baggage by adult standards. The Child rate also applies to children under 2 years of age if the parents buy them a separate place.

Children over the age of 12 fly at full cost, but they can count on special youth tariffs for airlines if any.

How to fly with a child: documents for crossing the border?

If you are flying with a child abroad, check with the list of documents required for departure. For children under 16, the standard list of documents looks like this:

- Birth certificate of the child.
- Permission to leave the parents or one of them, notarized - if the child leaves without the support of the parents or one of them.
- Travel document of the child.
- Visa - if necessary.

Children over the age of 16 only need a travel document and a visa.

How to fly with a child: planning, airport, registration, plane?

Traveling by plane is an exciting event for both the child and his parents. But if the excitement of the child is joyful, then the parents are experiencing real stress. Follow our rules to stay calm and collected.

Book tickets in advance. So you can choose the best places. In addition, some airlines limit the number of young children on board. Have time to get into their number. 

In any journey, you must be attentive to your documents. As long as you are nervous about the late arrival of the aircraft, the robber had already watching you. Keep your documents and money with you. The best solution would be to put all the securities in one place and always wear them near him. This will help you bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking that has several compartments for documents of different sizes. Money, cards, passport, documents, tickets, certificates, camera and phone will be hidden. The bag is worn around the neck, so it will not have to carry in their hands. The bag can be hidden under the jacket, and no one will guess where your money is stored. Passports Holder with RFID Blocking   will be very useful for parents. They are always somewhere in a hurry, and all the attention gave to the baby. So do not take risks and rely on good fortune.

Choose flights where few people. People seldom join their parents with children without extreme need. The fewer people on the flight, the more likely that your baby will be able to get a separate seat even without buying. In the season of holidays to find a small scheduled flight is not easy, but be aware that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are less popular days for departures. 

Fly in the morning. In the morning, children are traditionally in a better mood, which means they are better behaved.

Come on registration and landing first. Register for the flight as early as possible in order to avoid queues and get the best seats. Go to the landing first.

Choose bright clothes. Dress the children brighter - and it will be easier for you to find them in the crowd.

Do not hesitate to ask. Ask the staff at registration, if possible, not to attach people to you. Ask your neighbor to exchange places with you. Ask the stewardess to warm up the water for you to eat. Ask to give you turn on customs control. You will be surprised how many people are ready to do for travelers with children.

Use the children's infrastructure. Almost every airport has a children's room, a room for feeding and changing. In an airplane on long flights, there are toilets intended for changing a diaper. On board there can be children's sets for coloring - ask the flight attendants about it.

How to fly with an infant: when to start flying?

Many parents are afraid to fly with babies. However, we dare to assure - many people dare - and are satisfied. Experienced travelers with children argue: flying with babies is much easier and more convenient than with restless three or four years. Already in 8-10 days after birth, most airlines are ready to take on board a small traveler. The airline may require a doctor's certificate of admission of the newborn to the flight, so check the requirements in advance.