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How to cope with the fear of flying?

Last time we talking about   7 tips for safe travel

Fear of flying in the modern world can be a real problem. If before a vacation you do not think about sun-sea-beach, but that before all this you will have several hours in a metal huge, noisy plane, perhaps our tips will help you carry the flight a little easier.

Please note that we are not talking about aerophobia, the advice from our article will not suit those who are afraid to fly so much that they feel the strongest stress at the thought of an airplane.

But if you just get nervous every time before the next trip and think if there is any way to carry flights, then here are a few.

- Recognize and accept your fear

Adoption is the first step to dealing with the problem. To be afraid to fly is normal. You are not alone, together with you the upcoming flights with horror awaits several million people. People, in general, are not naturally created to fly, so psychologists explain the fear of traveling through the air by the primordial sources of our thinking. Therefore, exhale and do not hesitate. Many are afraid, and so are you, but you are going to fly, and this is a big step.

- Choose a convenient location

Choose a place is so that, firstly, do not increase your fears, and secondly, make the flight as comfortable as possible. If you can spend money on a business class, take the tickets there. Because the economy with narrow chairs and a minimal footprint can increase the fear of enclosed space. Want to save - look for places more spacious, usually, they are in the first row, right after the business class. It is not advisable to take places at the emergency exit, this can only strengthen your fear of flying (especially if the stewardess is approaching you and will personally explain what to do in an emergency situation).

Also, do not recommend sitting at the window (it's unlikely you want to admire the views from the height) and in the tail (with turbulence there is the most shaking). An ideal place for a person who is afraid to fly - in the forefront after a business class, at the aisle.

- Arming with statistics

Everyone who is afraid of flying has heard that an incomparably larger number of people die each year in an accident than in air crashes. But it's hard to believe when a person is afraid.

Go to the site Flightradar24.com, it shows all the planes that are currently in the air. If you live in a large city, you will see that several dozens of planes are approaching it right now. Every minute the plane takes off or sits down in the world. Without accidents and incidents. Because of aviation, everything is thought out, and the safety of passengers is given the most important place.

And the most important:

Safety must be inherent in all.  We encourage you to Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . Bag is convenient because it is not large, but it is possible to put all the essentials. The bag is sewn from a water-repellent material. It can be worn on the shoulder or worn around the neck. We recommend you hide it under clothing in order to it could not be seen, robbers. Bag with Velcro. Outside there is a pocket with zipper. In the middle, there are a few pockets for passports and tickets and cards. They are standard size. There is also a lock key. There is a pocket for identity cards. The length of the strap on the bag, you can adjust yourself. In this bag are placed several passports, tickets, cards, money, keys, headphones with the phone. In it, you can also put the necessary medication and napkins. Optionally, you can still put something. This is a great option for those who need to keep everything under control.

- Study useful information

Try to figure out what exactly scares you in flight.

Do not you understand how this big and heavy thing keeps in the air and does not fall? Read about the basics of aerodynamics or look at the webinar, where they talk about it in detail.

Is it frightening that during the turbulence the plane will simply fall apart in the air? Learn about what it is - turbulence.

Are you afraid that you will get into a thunderstorm and the plane will have to be planted at the nearest airport? Read about how the weather affects flights.

In general, analyze your fear and try to get to the bottom of its root cause. And then find the information on the Internet.

- Download the useful application on your phone

Before the upcoming flight, download the application SkyGuru (available, unfortunately, only for the iPhone). It was developed by a professional pilot and specialist in dealing with people who are afraid to fly. The application helps to understand what happens to an airplane at this particular moment. Information about the flight will be downloaded to your smartphone before the flight and during the whole flight you can at any time see exactly where you are and find out how the weather outside the window affects the aircraft. The application recognizes various sounds and explains their origin. And also gives the user advice.

- Learn to relax

 But without alcohol: it will help to fall into suspended animation before landing, and in the end, you may simply not be allowed into the plane. In addition, alcohol is generally not recommended to use in this case. It has a bad effect on blood vessels and pressure, and during the flight, your body is already experiencing high loads. Better start practicing meditation, pick up a playlist of your favorite soothing music - in general, any lesson that will help you relax and distract. Another helps to download a few movies on the road, better easy comedies.

- Prepare for the flight

In a small cosmetic bag, put the lollipops and gum. Psychologists say that chewing helps to distract from frightening circumstances. In addition, if you chew onboarding or take-off, less will lay your ears. Dress as comfortably as possible and grab ordinary slippers or warm socks: your body should be comfortable and good.