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Why you need travel insurance?

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One of the most joyful and at the same time tedious moments of the forthcoming journey is planning. It is not easy to take into account everything, especially if the trip is planned for a long time. In this case, you need insure. Our life is unpredictable, especially when traveling. If you go further than the village to your grandmother, the insurance should become your guarantor of peace and security. This is one of the most justified investments that you can make before a trip.

You definitely need insurance if you:


 If you are convinced that adrenaline and a sense of danger - you do not need to travel, the insurance policy will help you to be calmer during the holidays. Whatever happens, be sure: the insurance will take care of itself, and you will only have to enjoy the trip;


Even after thinking everything over, you can not protect yourself from a sudden cancellation or delay of a flight. This can be a serious obstacle to the continuation of the trip, if on the map of your route - several destinations. The insurance will help to return money for the plugged plans;


On a journey, you are already at risk. If you intend to devote your trip to wild surfing, the conquest of Everest, diving or downhill skiing, take safety very carefully. It is to ensure that you and on such a trip feel calm, insurance companies make extreme sports a separate point of their programs;


Children are all interested, and their curiosity sometimes leads to not pleasant consequences. Medical services abroad are a huge expense item that will be covered by health insurance;


To date, medical insurance is one of the mandatory conditions to get the coveted seal in a foreign passport.

Why do I need insurance?

First, by issuing an insurance document, you will get an opportunity to consult a 24-hour hotline in case of stressful situations.
Secondly, you will be able to reimburse your expenses for treatment or additional accommodation due to delay or cancellation of the flight upon return.
 And thirdly, you will feel much more comfortable, knowing that your journey is not threatened. Choose insurance depends on the purpose and purpose of your trip.

What types of insurance are? What they insure?

 - MEDICAL INSURANCE in the case of illness, causing harm to health and death is a compulsory type of insurance. This is necessary for obtaining a visa abroad. There are two types of such insurance: compensation and service. In the first case, the traveler himself pays for the costs of treatment, and then receives compensation from the insurance company. In the second case, you need to contact the insurance company immediately after the incident: give the policy number, and the treatment will be paid on the spot. Keep in mind that if harm to health has been caused by your own fault, you will not get any compensation.

It will be necessary if, in the territory of the state you are traveling to, you suddenly find yourself involved in a trial. This is an optional type of insurance.

- BAGGAGE INSURANCE - your protection in case of loss or damage to luggage. If something happens with your insured suitcases, the insurance company compensates for loss or damage to property. However, only in the event that in the travel bag you do not transport jewelry, large amounts and antiques.

- INSURANCE CANCELLATION OF THE TRAVEL must be concluded no less than half a month from the expected date of the trip. In this case, for any incidents that entailed the cancellation of your trip, the insurance company will pay for the disruption of plans.

INSURANCE FROM NON-EVERYTHING implies the payment to the traveler of the sum insured not only in case of visa refusal but also under any other force majeure circumstance that breaks your fully paid vacation.


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