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Overbooking: how not to get lost and fly away on time?

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A month ago, news outlets around the world posted a dramatic video. It shows how the guards rudely took the passenger out of the plane. The incident is that the man had a ticket, and he bought it in the most usual way, but the staff of United Airlines decided that he should leave the plane and give way to the employee of the company. Such an unpleasant situation is one of the types of overbooking. What is it and how to avoid trouble?

What is overbooking and when did it appear?

 "Overbooking" means over-booking. This means that the flight has purchased tickets more passengers than the airplane can accommodate. How is this possible? There are three main reasons:

1. The airline sold more tickets for the flight than there are available seats.

This practice does exist. It appeared in the 50s of the last century in the USA. Marketers calculated that about 10% of passengers do not fly away on a flight to which they bought a ticket. As a result, some places are empty. Airlines decided to sell more tickets to get more profit. This strategy most often justifies itself, but sometimes there are conflict situations.

2. The failure occurred for technical reasons.

When the aircraft before the flight find a malfunction, it can be replaced by another. If the new board is less spacious, someone will have to stay and wait for the new flight.

3. Airlines urgently need to send another passenger.

Such an unexpected guest may be the owner of a VIP card or, as in the case of United Airlines, the airline employee himself.

What if you are not allowed to travel?

1. Find other victims

Find all those who are in a similar situation and exchange contacts. Together, it will be easier to obtain from the airline favorable conditions of accommodation and compensation for the cancellation of the flight.

2. Gather evidence

A track, that the employee of the airline put a mark on your ticket about the refusal of registration due to lack of space. Record the conversation with the staff on the video. Record the time when you were denied access to the aircraft. Keep the checks for all the costs that you had to do while waiting. This will help to justify your requirements.

3. Claim compensation

- Facilities

Depending on when your new flight will be, require the airline staff to provide a hotel room and a shuttle service to her, to compensate for communication and food expenses.

Passengers are often offered tickets for another flight with an increase in the level of service without additional surcharges. Excellent opportunity to fly business class. If you are offered a ticket below the class, ask for the return of the difference in value.

- Money

The monetary compensation in different countries is different. And in different airlines, too.

How to protect yourself and fly away on time?

Unfortunately, there is no absolute guarantee against trouble. But there are a number of rules, observing which, you will maximally secure yourself.

1. Register for the flight via the Internet. It is advisable in advance (who was the first to get a boarding pass, the one passes into the airplane).

2. If you plan to check in at the airline counter, do not be late. Slow passengers often find themselves in an unpleasant situation.

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