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What is an early booking?

Last time we talking about   Overbooking: how not to get lost and fly away on time?

 In Europe, tourists have long and actively enjoyed the benefits of early booking. For example, in the UK bookings about 85% of tourists book in advance, in other countries of Europe the figures are similar.
And not in vain. Discounts for early booking tours reach 40%. And this product is worth your attention!

What is an early booking?

Early booking is an action developed jointly by operators, hotels and airlines. Its meaning is to reduce the prices for tours when booking them in advance.

Due to what is possible such savings?

The owner of the hotel is profitable before the start of the season to sell part of the rooms even at a lower price, еnsure congestion in the season, plan and realize the cost of preparation for the season. The same can be said about tour operators and airlines, for which the guarantee of the product realization in the future is beneficial and necessary.

What is the advantage of early booking for a tourist?

Advantages of early booking tours

1. To save on buying a tour (but not on its quality!) For stocks of early booking tourists can up to 40% of their funds. As a rule, discounts for early booking tours are 10-30%.

2. Early booking is also beneficial by the fact that using it, you can not worry about fluctuations in exchange rates (and in the season the rate usually grows). After you have paid for the tour, any changes in the foreign exchange market do not affect the cost of the tour. No additional payments will not be necessary in the case of rising prices for hotels and air travel.

3. Availability of the best hotels and convenient flights. A good hotel is a popular hotel. It should be remembered that quality hotels come to tourists from all over the world, in particular from countries where early booking is widespread. Therefore, with a high probability, all the best places will be bought out in advance.

In the case of a choice of "burning" tours, operators offer discounts for hotels that are not sufficiently filled, as well as for flights for which tickets are not sold. Thus, if you start thinking about buying a tour before you leave, then you will have to choose only from what is left of the "hot" offers.

4. Lack of fuss related to the preparation of documents. This is especially true for visa countries. Some certificates and permits require a lot of time for registration.

What do I need to know about early booking?

Many mistakenly believe that with early booking you can first pay a percentage of the cost of the voucher, and most of the make immediately before the flight. This is not true. Ordering a tour of the early booking action, you will have to pay it in full within three days of the booking. Therefore, planning a summer vacation in winter, you will have to have the entire amount that you can spend on a ticket. By the way, for this you can apply for a foreign tour on credit.

It is also necessary to take into account that in case of refusal of such tours, in most cases penalties are provided. But do not panic ahead of time! In fact, from unforeseen situations saves travel insurance, which provides a full refund of the cost of the tour, regardless of the reasons that prevented your trip. This type of insurance will not be burdensome for your wallet, but it will become your "savior" in the event of an unforeseen situation.

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