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When is it best to book hotels and air tickets?

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You can buy air tickets to Prague at the maximum discount (49%) 7 months before the departure date. If you are going to New York, it is best to book air tickets 2 months before the scheduled date, to Thailand - for 3 months, and to Bangkok - for 5 months. Experts informed about such data.

They also determined the best time for booking hotels in the areas that will be most popular in 2017. In such cities of Europe as Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, it is better to reserve hotels 1-2 months before the trip. In Budapest, this is better done for 4 months, in Munich - for 5 months. Room in Dubai or in Phuket will cost you the most if you book it 8-9 months before the trip, and in Bangkok - as much as 11 months.

In addition, now there are many portals and sites that offer independent tourists the most profitable dates for purchasing tickets. Services compare cheap tickets and choose the best conditions.

One can draw the following conclusion: a timely reservation for peak time can save travelers 60-70% of the ticket price compared to a purchase at the last minute. According to the portal Biletyplus, every year the prices for air tickets in foreign destinations for the May holidays and in the summer months sharply increase. The reason, of course, is in high demand. Therefore, when planning a trip to Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Montenegro, Georgia or Cyprus, it is best to purchase tickets in early March.

The experts gave several other useful recommendations.
- Firstly, the cheapest tickets are for November and February.
 - Secondly, if you adjust the rest time for the "low season", you can save.
- Third, do not buy air tickets one month before the trip: for 5 weeks before the date of departure, the price for them increases dramatically.
- Fourthly, it is better to follow the dynamics of prices, so as not to miss the most profitable option.

For those who have not yet chosen the direction of travel, experts recommend using the "Search everywhere" function: so you will know where and at what time you can fly inexpensively.

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