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What do you need to know about the e-ticket?

Last time we talking about   What is cycling? How to organize a trip on a bicycle?

Often, thinking about the flight, we hear about e-tickets. However, not everyone understands what this document means.
What are its advantages and disadvantages? How is this used and presented for the mission report? How to pay for and issue a return of such a flight contract between the airline and the passenger. Now we will try to answer all the main questions.

What do you need to know about the e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a confirmation of the right of a passenger to use the services of an airline or carrier. This is an analog of the usual paper ticket, only it does not have a real embodiment. It is stored in the database, which is sufficient for the flight.

When buying a ticket for an e-mail client receives a special itinerary receipt. It contains all the necessary information about the purchased air service. The route includes departure and arrival points, dates, time, ticket number, passenger name, tariff information, payment method and other information.

You can print the route card. If necessary, it can be presented to your accountant to solve organizational issues related to a business trip. In addition, representatives of some airports may require this document. This proves the passenger's right to visit the terminal building.


There are a lot of them. Let us single out only the main ones:

- Possibility to issue a purchase of a cheap ticket independently through the Internet, for example, on a special service fly tourist.ru;

- selection and comparison of all available flight options;

- the inability to lose your travel document;

- no need to stand in line;

- saving on payment of commissions and fees. At a minimum, for the services of the special person making out the ticket, you do not need to pay;

- Possibility to issue tickets not only to themselves but also to other passengers;

- 24-hour access.


All rational payment methods are available. Cash and non-cash payment, bank transfer significantly simplify the acquisition. It is enough to decide on the most convenient option for yourself.

Payment by credit card takes a couple of minutes. You must enter your details, information on the card and confirm the payment. This is a confidential process. Information about your bank account remains secret. Payment takes place on a secure virtual territory, after which the client moves to the page with the generated routing sheet.

Cash can be paid at the office of the company that provides the service. At the same time, the buying process takes place traditionally on the site. After payment, the client receives a printed receipt and a receipt.

Bank transfer is convenient to use when there is a significant time reserve before departure. As the funds go for a few days, it's better not to take risks with fast flights. After all, money can not reach, and the ticket will be considered unpaid. Accordingly, it will not be possible to use it.

E-ticket is very convenient and reliable. It's a sin to ignore such a luxurious opportunity to save your financial resources, nerves and time. In addition, it is a guarantee of independence in the preparation of your route. After all, you can view a variety of options and make a choice in favor of the best.

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