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How to avoid scammers when buying air tickets?

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"Cheap air tickets! Discounts and promotions! The best prices for tickets to anywhere in the world "- such appeals are abundantly found on various sites. Striving to save money on flights, travelers get into the network of scammers.
Few people understand that the difference in the cost of air tickets on different sites should not be significant. And if it differs several times, then it should cause, at least, doubts.

However, attractive, low cost makes inexperienced travelers forget about everything and arrange a ticket purchase. Understanding of the situation occurs only when the buyer does not receive it after payment of the boarding pass. But to change anything, to return money is already unreal.
In order not to "get caught in the network" scammers, do not lose time and money, carefully read the information below.

Common fraudulent schemes when selling tickets

There are several common schemes that scammers use, deceiving trustful buyers.
The most simple and popular are the distribution of ads and "promotional offers" on the pages in social networks or thematic tourist forums.

People who are interested in such an "offer" are communicated through "personal messages". Telling why the tickets are inexpensive, scammers most often refer to:

- on corporate tariffs, for which you can buy tickets only from them;
- the absence of commission fees;
- on separate, "exclusive" contracts with airlines.

Naturally, all such explanations have nothing to do with reality.

There are also more complex schemes that require fraudulent solid preliminary preparatory work. For example, to create a profile site focused on the sale of tickets. There are a lot of such resources in the network. Some scammers go even to pay for contextual advertising in order to bring their resource to the leading positions in the search engine.

Most often, buyers get their tickets after payment, but they turn out to be ... non-existent. After the transfer of money to your e-mail address comes boarding card, but it turns out to be fake. It's even frightening to imagine what a person feels when he arrives calmly at the airport, which is already preparing to land when suddenly it turns out that the ticket is not accepted.

There is another scheme, in which you get a very real ticket. What is the catch? The fact that it was purchased on a stolen credit card, and therefore it will be blocked very soon, as well as other purchases made through this card. The ability to fly on it is really only if it was purchased a couple of days before the flight, and it simply did not have time to block it.

Another scheme, but with a real ticket provides for its cancellation by the seller immediately after the buyer is convinced of the authenticity of the boarding pass.

How to avoid scammers when buying an air ticket?

There are several ways to avoid fraud when buying air tickets. Check the authenticity of tickets. Immediately check the authenticity of the boarding pass. You can do this in two ways - by making a call to the airline or using the services:

- www.checkmytrip.com;
- www.viewtrip.com;
- www.virtuallythere.com;
- www.myairlines.ru.

The verification process is not complicated and does not take much time.

Choose the right payment methods.

We strongly recommend that you refuse to purchase a ticket if you are provided with a physical person's account, rather than a legal one, to transfer money.
Also, there are some questionable sites that provide payment through the following services:

- Yandex.many;
- Qiwi
- PayPal;
- Or by usual bank transfer.

The most secure way to pay for a ticket is to transfer money directly from the bank card when the system asks you to enter the CVC code.
Also, you should pay attention to the services from which the payment receipt comes in a doubtful form. For example, with the doc extension.

Check the company.

Before buying a ticket, check the company or website on which you want to purchase a boarding pass. You can do this, for example, with the help of the service "http://who.is/", which will help to get all the necessary information. Also, pay special attention to the date of creation of the site - if it is not more than two or three months, then it is likely that you are confronted with scammers.

The site www.lineticket.ru has been successfully operating for more than two years and during this time managed to win the trust of thousands of clients, travelers.

How to be and where to apply?

What should you do if you still get caught in the "network" of scammers? Of course, you need to write an application to the police as soon as possible, attaching to it the entire confirming transaction for the purchase of tickets:

- Payment receipt;
- Received air ticket;
- Correspondence, if it is preserved;
- Other data.

Also, as soon as possible, contact your bank or technical support team with a request to cancel the purchase, if this is, of course, still possible to do!
Be attentive and get airplane tickets only on known, proven sites!

We also recommend protecting your documents and valuables, because thieves can be in places where we do not expect to see them.

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