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Rules for the carriage of liquids in an airplane

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For each category of luggage, there are own rules of transportation on board the aircraft. In some cases, they may vary from airline to airline. This article will describe the rules for transporting liquids in an airplane.
To the category of "liquid" should be attributed:

- Cosmetic products (shampoo, gel, lotion, cosmetic oils, and masks, mascara, lipstick, toothpaste, etc.).
- Perfume products (perfumes and toilet water, air fresheners, deodorants, etc.)
- Food and drinks (alcohol, honey, puree, jam, juices, soups, etc.)

Rules for the carriage of liquids in the cabin

You have the opportunity to take some liquid in your carry-on baggage. The volume of the container should not be more than 100 ml. In total, you can take as much as 1 liter of liquid with you. Tanks must necessarily be placed in a transparent bag, which must be securely closed. Liquids in the package should not be packed jammed.

But there are liquids that can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft without these restrictions. Namely:

- Medicinal products and supplements. You can carry in your carry-on luggage only those medicines and biological supplements that are related to the medicines that you really need during the flight. This should be proved by the doctor's conclusion and a prescription for this drug. Also, when traveling by plane to the Schengen countries, you will have to fill out a special form on Article 75.

- Baby food. When flying in a plane with a child, you can take with you the amount of baby food that the baby needs during the flight. Extra food, such as milkshakes, juices or purees, can be taken only for children under the age of three. In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that during the inspection you may be asked to try the transported liquid if it raises doubts among the airport employees.

- Dietary products (for example, diabetic food).

- Fluid for lenses.

- In addition, on board the aircraft you can take liquids bought in Duty-Free. There are such shops in any airport. For carrying liquids in hand luggage, you will need to pack them in a transparent plastic bag. Also, you need to take in the store a confirmation of the purchase of the goods. This confirmation must be put in the package with the liquid so that it can be seen. This confirmation must include the airport where the purchase was made.

Transportation of liquids in luggage

The liquid can be transported not only in the cabin of the aircraft but also in the luggage. There is no limit on the volume of the container in which the liquid is located. But we must remember that there are flammable liquids that are strictly forbidden to take on the aircraft at all. These include paints, gasoline, various solvents and other substances of this kind. If you want to transport in the luggage compartment various aerosols intended for domestic purposes, then the valves of the cylinders must be tightly closed with a lid. The capacity of such cylinders should not be more than 500 ml. One passenger can carry no more than 2 liters of aerosols.

In addition, some restrictions apply to a carriage in the luggage of alcoholic beverages. Many airlines require that alcoholic liquids be packaged in a container for retail trade, i.e. In a bottle with a label. You can take in your luggage any amount of alcohol, the strength of which does not exceed 24%, and also not more than 5 liters of alcoholic products with a strength of 24% to 70%. Drinks with an alcohol content exceeding 70% are not allowed on the plane. But there are restrictions imposed on the importation of alcohol by the country in which the journey takes place.

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