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What is a "hot tours"?

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What are a  "hot tours"? When is it better to buy it, and will not they deceive the travel agency when buying? Such questions are often asked by people who have never encountered this. In fact, a hot tour is an ordinary tour, which the tour operator needs to sell for several days. To quickly find a client for a tour, the company significantly reduces its cost. Such a proposal can really be real. Among vacationers, there is an erroneous opinion, according to which hot tours in travel agencies are always available. However, this is not the case.

When there are hot tours?

Hot tours appear in travel agencies not always. Usually, there are certain reasons for this. Most tours appear in cases when:
- Shortly before departure, the travel agency quickly sells a tour or tours to one or more people who have refused to travel for some reason;
- The tour operator is unable to close the charter flight, since the seats have been already bought out, and it is necessary to reduce the cost of tours at the expense of a reduced cost of air travel;
- The tour operator has numbers that are already paid for in the hotels selected by them. If they failed to realize in advance, so that the implicit amount of funds for these numbers is not lost, the tour operator is forced to reduce the cost of the voucher. Due to this, a lower price for accommodation is obtained.

Are these tours always real?

When the travel agency offers to purchase a hot ticket to a country, you need to be more careful. Some companies are selling ordinary tours under the guise of hot tours. To the cost really looked less than in other agencies, the minimum living conditions and minimum service are offered.
You should know that only those tours are considered to be hot, the departure date of which is indicated on the next dates. It can be from 1 to 4 days. In the event that it is proposed to purchase a hot permit for a date in a few months or weeks, then such a proposal should not be paid attention. In addition, not always this kind of tour can be very attractive. Sometimes it will be much more profitable to arrange an early booking of the tour at quite reasonable prices.

What is more advantageous for a hot tour or early booking?

In contrast to hot tours, early booking means buying rents in advance of the trip. Hotels in which tourists rest are interested in knowing in advance how many people will have their summer vacation. Therefore, tour operators and travel agencies make solid discounts on booking rooms at this time.
On an early booking tour, the savings can be more than 20% of the cost of the tour. But when booking a summer tour in December or January can be 40% savings. It often happens that travel agencies start the season of selling and booking for summer tours around the beginning or the middle of February and the amount of the discount can be about 20-30%.

If you book a tour in advance, you can get:
- guaranteed places in the hotel, which may be absent in the height of the tourist period;
- the availability of a ticket when all seats are bought out for the flight;
- discounts on accommodation, road, as well as in general for services and recreation.

Also, the early booking has several shortcomings, and above all, they relate to the issues of finance and planning. It is never known what circumstances will be in a few months. Also for trips that are purchased in advance, it is almost impossible to return all money (the costs of termination will be compensated). In order not to fall into such a situation, it is recommended to purchase an insurance policy from a travel permit.
Travel agencies try not to advertise early booking because They get for selling this tour about 8-15%. So it turns out that the more they sell at a reduced price, the less they sell in the season and earn their%.
If there is an opportunity to guess your holiday in summer, then the option of earlier booking is quite suitable. According to the financial plan, this type of tour is more effective than burning tours.

The choice between hot packages and early booking will depend on the time of the year when it is planned to go on vacation. If you decide to rest at the height of the season, it is best to book a ticket in advance.
In the case when there are no restrictions on time, nothing holds and you can break for rest at any moment, then you can wait for suitable hot tours. This option is suitable for those who are not difficult to take a vacation at any time. In this case, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the tour will be picked up a day before the expected date of departure. Usually, in such situations, the cost of it will be reduced to the very minimum, so that the tour operator does not lose the money that he spent on booking the tour. Everyone can think of their rest and decide which option to purchase a voucher will be better for him.

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