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Cancellation of the permit

Last time we talking about  What is a "hot tours"?

Deciding to go on holiday to another country, often have to book a package tour ahead of time. However, there are circumstances in which you have to refuse to travel. In this case, you must immediately go to the travel agency, which bought a ticket. Money for it can be returned, having lost only a small amount, if you apply with this issue in advance and immediately issue a refusal of the permit.

Are there any penalties?

By law, you can cancel the tour at any time, because the circumstances may be different. In this case, according to the Rules for the provision of services for the sale of tourist products, fines for this are not provided for and illegal.
Despite this, many travel agencies at the conclusion of the contract, register their terms and appoint penalties. Depending on the tour operator, they can be different. So, for different agencies, they can vary from 20 to 50%. It is necessary to carefully read the contract before signing it. Despite this, even if such a point exists, if it comes to trial, it can be declared invalid.

Despite the fact that actual fines from the tourist can not be recovered, a certain amount of money will still have to be paid. So, it will be necessary to pay all expenses that the company incurred. In this case, all of them must be confirmed and proven. Definitely will not be refunded money spent on the hotel reservation, the reservation for a trip, and a consular fee, as they relate to non-refundable facilities.

As for tickets for air transportation, the funds for them can be returned in full. Of course, this applies to tickets that were handed over more than 24 hours due to forced circumstances. If there is less than a day left before departure, then the fee of up to 25% can be withheld from the ticket price. But everything here will depend on the carrier.

In full, must return the money paid for accommodation and meals at the hotel. Usually, tour operators do not pay it directly to the hotel, but only pay a certain fee for the reservation. Despite this, there are such hotels that require immediate full payment for all services and do not return money for them. This should be originally prescribed in the contract and with documentary confirmation to return this payment will not work. Sometimes travel agencies require returning the funds for fines, which they expose the tour operator. They attribute them to the same actual costs, but this should be spelled out in the contract.

Thus, in order to collect a significant amount from the tourist for the costs incurred, the agency must prove where the money was spent and why they can not be returned. In this case, additional amounts should not be assigned.

How to return the money?

To return money for an unused tour, you should go to the agency where the ticket was purchased. Here it is necessary to write an application for the refusal of the tour and indicate the objective reasons why the tour can not take place. In this application, a date must necessarily be indicated so that it can be counted on it how many days have passed since the filing. You also need to request a copy of it, where there will be notes of acceptance and the signature of the person who accepted the document.

It often happens that travel agents or tour operators delay the refund. They can refer to the difficulty of the procedure, but to fulfill all obligations for a certain time. They announce funds to the tourist within 10 days, after his written refusal.
If the agency does not return the money or calculates unclear fines from the total amount that are not documented, then it is immediately necessary to draw up a claim. It is done in duplicate and is given to the agency. If there is no answer within 10 days, you can apply to the court.

It is known to everyone that in the resorts an unlimited number of scammers and pickpockets. Therefore, one should take seriously the issue of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is best to store things in the safe.

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