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How is it safer to take money abroad?

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After the problem of choosing a currency (cash, plastic cards or traveler's checks) is solved, the main question arises before a tourist is how to secure your money on the road against theft or loss. The most vulnerable way of money transfer is a purse. If you lose money on the road, it is, alas, forever - bills, carefully set aside for rest or shopping, no one will restore and return.

Plastic cards have a number of advantages. The money on the card is securely in the bank, and nobody can use them.

What if you lost your plastic card abroad?

The necessary actions of the client in case of loss of a bank card are well known. It is necessary to contact the bank that issued the card as quickly as possible and block it. If the card was stolen, this step will not allow fraudsters to spend money, paying, for example, purchases over the Internet. Each bank - the issue of plastic cards has its own customer support service, which operates around the clock. Therefore, you can contact at any time of the day or night, regardless of the difference in time zones.

Some banks do not provide for the subsequent cancellation of the ban on payments from this card. Others, on the contrary, offer a temporary blocking service - in case there is a loss. At the same time, the phone call must be duplicated by a written application for permanent blocking, filed in person or by fax.

From the legal point of view, until the moment of blocking the bank card, the cardholder is liable for the transactions, and after that moment - the issuing bank.

The loss of a card in the country where you live is nothing special. After all, the account is not blocked - only the card itself. You can go to the bank and withdraw money from the account at the checkout. And the card will be restored with time, (with a new password).

The situation changes radically when such a story takes place abroad, during a tourist trip. Then the person who lost the card runs the risk of losing his means of livelihood.

 Banks claim that there is no need to panic. In many of them, there is a service of the urgent (within days) release of a temporary plastic card. In this case, the bank must contact one of the authorized banks of the international payment system Visa or Master Card in the city where the tourist is located, and inform the last address on which to take the card. The limit of funds on the temporary card depends on the amount on the card account. After returning from abroad it is required to replace the temporary card in the issuing bank with a fixed card.

While the client is waiting for a temporary card, the bank can transfer money for urgent needs. Those banks that provide services for the urgent production of a temporary card, as a rule, provide an opportunity to receive emergency cash.

The traveler's check clearly leads in solving the problem of the safety of cash: for this, he was invented. The peculiarity of checks is that they are subscribed to a specific person, and only the owner can cash them. When buying such a payment document, it is necessary to put your signature on each of the checks and do not forget to take the receipt with the serial numbers. This is enough to stop worrying about your money. Whatever happens to checks, you can restore them anywhere in the world, just call the reimbursement service. It works around the clock. Recover checks for free, and the recovery procedure usually takes no more than 24 hours (subject to all the terms of the purchase agreement, concluded when purchasing checks).

Everyone knows that airports have an unlimited number of scammers and pickpockets. Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is better to store things in the safe.

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